Ivy Sinclair’s Top 10 Sexiest Vampires of the Big Screen

Ivy Sinclair’s Top 10 Sexiest Vampires of the Big Screen

Swimming in Vampire Hotties!

Doing the research for this post was the most fun I’ve had all week. It had me reminiscing about the characters that made me fall in love with vampires to begin with when I was an impressionable teenage girl. Okay, I’ll confess—that love hasn’t gone away even though I’m…ahem…a bit older now. The vampire will always be my number-one paranormal boyfriend number pick—after all, they are immortal.

This week, I’m sharing my Top 10 list of sexy vamps from the big screen—and some of them might surprise you. Starting with…

tom-cruise-lestat 10—Tom Cruise, Lestat de Lioncourt, in Interview with a Vampire (1994)

I was never a fan-girl of Tom Cruise, but there is something about his flowing blond locks and intense blue eyes that was decidedly sexy in this film. Paired with the period costumes of the day, I definitely felt the heat of his appeal. Maybe not completely swoon-worthy (for me) but enough to get the blood pumping.

gary-oldman-dracula #9—Gary Oldman, Dracula, in Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992)

When we first meet Oldman’s Dracula, he’s not an attractive fellow. But as he courts the beautiful, virginal Mina (who is the reincarnation of his long lost love) we get to see his vulnerable, handsome face. There’s something decidedly romantic about a man who never forgets his first true love, even if he is hundreds of years old.

Antonio_Banderas_as_Armand #8—Antonio Banderas, Armand, in Interview with a Vampire (1994)

Armand is a 400-year-old vampire that Brad Pitt’s Louis meets in Paris. He and Louis are drawn to each other, and when Louis loses his makeshift family, the two travel Europe together. Eventually, Louis leaves Armand, though. Would you be able to say goodbye to his face?

robert-pattison-edward-cullen #7—Robert Pattison, Edward Cullen, in Twilight (2008)

I grew up in the time when vampires didn’t sparkle. But a top 10 vamp list would be incomplete without Edward Cullen on it. Say what you want about the movie; that baby face made millions of women’s hearts around the world go pitter-patter.

wesley-snipes-blade #6—Wesley Snipes, Blade, in Blade (1998)

Okay, this is the first half-vampire on the list. But Blade is badass. He’s the perfect blend of man and monster, and the thing that makes him so relatable is how self-aware he is of that fact. He goes to great lengths not to let anyone get too close, so he plays the part of the strong silent type perfectly. (Side note: If the zombie apocalypse ever comes, I pick Blade to be on my survival squad.)

collin Farrell-jerry-dandridge #5—Collin Farrell, Jerry Dandridge, in Fright Night (2011)

Jerry is another vampire said to be over 400 years old. He’s charismatic, mischievous, and bored – always mark in the ‘con’ column of immortality. But if a mouthwateringly hot neighbor who looks like Collin Farrell knocks on my door and asks to borrow a beer (a scene from the movie), it would be hard not to ask to join him. (Sorry, dear husband.)

brad-pitt-louis #4—Brad Pitt, Louis de Ponte du Lac, in Interview with a Vampire (1994)

There is so much eye candy in this one movie that I’m making a mental note to add this to my Netflix queue for an overdue re-watch. Louis spends so much of the movie in an unhappy, angsty state because of his vampireness that it just makes me want to hug him. Against my bosom. A lot.

scott-speedman-michael-corvin #3—Scott Speedman, Michael Corvin, in Underworld (2003)

Michael is the second half-vamp to make the list, but can you blame me for putting him in my top 5? He really comes into his own at the end of the movie when he fulfills his destiny and takes out the big bad. Flowing locks, broad, muscular chest—no wonder he melted the ice walls around warrior Selene’s heart.

stuart-townsend-lestat-qotd #2—Stuart Townsend, Lestat de Lioncourt, in Queen of the Damned (2002)

Oh, a girl could drown in those eyes. Townsend’s version of Lestat was wickedly fun and definitely seemed to know how to have a good time. Plus, he became a famous rocker. A vampire AND a rock ‘n roll god? He’s too good (or bad really) to be true.

jason-patric-michael #1—Jason Patric, Michael, in The Lost Boys (1987)

You never forget your first vampire crush. Ask a girl who grew up in the 80s what the best, yet scariest vampire flick of the decade was and chances are she’d land on The Lost Boys. The boys of that teenage motorcycle crew were classically bad and had some serious bite. But it was Michael who stole the show. His vulnerable sensitivity and protective nature made every girl want to be his Star (the love interest for those of you uninitiated to this cult classic). Granted, Michael never fully made the transition into his vamp state, but he still had the skills kick Kiefer Sutherland’s ass.

Who is your #1 big screen vampire boyfriend? Be sure to check back in next week as I tackle the fanged bad boys of the small screen.

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