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Win A $10 Amazon Gift Card & Signed Paperback Copy of Ravenous by Jaymie Acosta!

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(Boys of Lake City Book 4)
By Jaymie Acosta

I’m a succubus with an eating disorder that has nothing to do with food.
Every three days, I have to feed from a different lover.

I have three suitors that feed me. It’s an exclusive club of vampire, werewolf, and minotaur. First rule of Pia club is you don’t love Pia. Second rule of Pia club is you don’t let Pia love you. Why? Because unlike most of my race, I do have a heart. It’s fragile and broken, held together with duct tape, and healing with the help of my fiancé.

As an incubus, Valerio understands my needs and doesn’t have a jealous bone in his body except when it comes to Sin, my vampire suitor. My first suitor. I have been with him for years, longer than I’ve known Val.

Everything has been under control until Sin breaks rule one and wants me to break rule two. It’s a forbidden love. Something that can destroy everything I’ve worked hard to build. How can I choose between two of the most powerful males in the city? The two most important ones in my life.

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Excerpt from Sated:

“I came home for lunch.” Val brushed his fingertips over my bared midriff.

The fluttering in my stomach grew stronger. He didn’t mean food. Incubi consumed the energy succubi created. We were a symbiotic race. Without succubi, incubi would starve, so they took really good care of us. He loved me. Well, it would be more accurate to say Val really wanted to love me and was doing his best to figure out how. 

This being my day one in my feeding cycle meant my energy tank was full. The energy low in my abdomen tasted of Sin, my vampire lover.

Val let his free hand wander higher until he cupped my breast then hissed out a breath. His roguish expression intensified, making it clear I wouldn’t escape his hold unmolested.

His business consumed most of his time lately. We hadn’t had sex in almost three days. That was an eternity for us, which didn’t help my growing hunger for flesh on flesh. I arched my back, pushing out the girls for easier access. “Maybe we should call Cooper and see if he can come over now.”

If I fed Val, I would be left empty and need to feed again today. It was Cooper’s turn to feed me next. My wolf shifter suitor didn’t mind letting Val join us. I could feed Val safely this way. If he lost control, which had happened a few months ago, he could kill me when my reserves grew low. I didn’t care to experience my demon gaining control of my body again.

“Call him once we’re done.” My fiancé pinched a harden nipple through my shirt and rolled it between his fingers. “I don’t have time to wait for Cooper to drive here.”

Sharp pleasure coursed through my blood. “What’s the hurry? Are you that hungry?” Val’s other wives sent him their energy in vials by mail. He should be a well-fed incubus.

“I miss you,” he whispered.

Another wave of pleasure, this one purely emotional, flooded my heart. My earlier doubts of Val’s love seemed silly now. He was making so much progress after decades of our culture telling him love was bad. “I miss you too.” I pressed a kiss to the tip of his nose. “Why don’t we spend the afternoon together? That should give Cooper enough time to feed me later.”

Val closed his eyes and sighed. “I have to meet with the charm elders in an hour. They still haven’t approved my permanent move to the city.”

Well, shit. “They threw you a welcoming party. Isn’t that approval enough?”

“That was when I was searching for a new wife and they all had eligible daughters.”

“My dad rules this city. Doesn’t his approval count?”

“It does, but my marrying you makes your dad that more powerful. The elders want some assurances.” He gave me a chagrined smile. “Humans eat when they’re stressed. Why would I be any different? I’ll think clearer after this.”

“Happy to oblige.” I’d take note of this and remember to be more available when Val seemed stressed. “Let me text Cooper so he can clear his calendar.”

Val released his hold on my wrists.

The minute the message left my cell phone he squished me against the wall with his body, his mouth blindly finding mine.

I gasped at the sudden movement and clung to his shoulders. Possession was nine tenths of the law and Val owned me. Heart, body, and soul.

Succulent lips explored mine with a delightful hunger. He paused just long enough to allow me a quick breath before he continued his onslaught. The tip of his tongue dipped past my defenses just long enough to tease, then it vanished. I leaned forward, wanting more. Demanding more.


Meet Author Jaymie Acosta

Jaymie Acosta loves adventure, loves reading, and loves making people laugh. At present, she lives in the isolated mountains of Vermont, but has called places like Florida, Hawaii, New York, and Canada as home.

Life is too short and she wants to experience it all.

Let her take you on an adventure.

Interview with Jaymie Acosta:

Q: Hi, Jaymie! Tell us a little more about yourself.

JA:  Hello Beautiful People! I’m Jaymie Acosta and I write hot paranormal romance/reverse harem and will be dabbing in Alien Romance in the future as well. I’m originally from Montreal Quebec Canada but I have lived in the USA since 1995. I was a traveling nurse for seven years so I moved often from NY, FL, HI, and VT. I looove traveling. I looove adventure. Let me take you on one via my stories.

Q: For those who are new to your books, what is the story about?

JA:  The first four books of Boys of Lake City are focused on Pia Blyton, a succubus with a broken heart. She has an eating disorder that has nothing to do with food. She has to achieve an orgasm every three days to create the life sustaining energy she needs. So, she can’t even survive off of bad sex. Hard life, right? LoL. But Pia is different than most of her kind. She wants to fall in love. Not an easy feat when she can’t be monogamous. Trust me, she’s tried and almost died for it. This is where book one Ravenous starts, and book one is FREE between 3/1 and /3/5. Book four, Sated, just released and is discounted to 0.99 cents until 3/6.

Q: Tell us about your heroes. What motivates them?

JA:  To keep Pia safe, her father set her up with suitors, males who will feed her on a regular basis that have quirks that prevent her from falling in love with them.

Zur-Sin-  Vampire Co-ruler of Lake City. He runs the shadier side of paranormal businesses. He is also Pia’s first suitor. Pia’s father didn’t want to sign a contract with him to feed his youngest daughter but Sin didn’t give him a choice. He had saved Pia’s life after all.

Cooper-  Wolf shifter and best tracker of the pack. He doesn’t mind feeding Pia while he searches for his soul mate. She is also teaching him better social skills since he’s on the shy side.

John- is a mazzikim demon who feeds off pain. He’s on the geeky side, working for Zur-Sin as a computer tech. It his nature to cause pain, but he focuses this need on evil doers.

Amel- is John’s identical twin. Where John is geeky and quite nice for a demon. Amel is the polar opposite.

Nikodemus- is a minotaur. He would like nothing more than to have Pia join his herd. He always needs to be the dominate in bed, except with Pia he can let go and be the sub since his herd won’t know and can’t judge him.

Valerio- is Pia’s main squeeze. He’s an incubus and her best chance of having a loving relationship, except Val’s been raised in a traditional succubus home where love is taught to be bad for them.

Q: What is a typical writing day like for you? What inspires you?

JA:  Wake up, have tea, and determined to write all the words. Put dogs out, do dishes, listen to a youtube, then make lunch. Will write after lunch. Answer emails, scan FB, do laundry, kids finish school, make dinner. Still haven’t written a word. Husband gets home from work, chat, serve dinner. Panic, I have written all the words. Sit my ass down finally and try to write as much as I can before falling asleep at the keyboard.

Q: Where can our readers find you? (Social media, website, etc.)

JA:  You can find me at:

Thanks so much for chatting with us today, Jaymie!


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