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Win A $25 Amazon Gift Card, Signed Paperback Book, & SWAG From Bestselling Author Julia Mills!

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By NYT & USA Today Bestselling Author Julia Mills

All Laurel wanted was some time alone ~ a few days in the mountains to calm the Ghosts of Christmases Past and prepare for a new year with more than a few new challenges. How could she have known a blizzard was lurking just over the horizon? Or that a sexy Dragon with smoldering eyes would come crashing back into her life?

Fate is stoking the sparks between these star-crossed lovers, unfortunately, the Big Bad Wolf is huffing and puffing and threatening to blow it all away. Can Laurel forgive the past and trust the future? Can love heal a broken heart and turn a long, lonely Christmas into the first of many happy holidays? Can she trust a Ghost, a stranger in red, and a four-legged friend with a twinkle in his eye?

Only one thing’s for sure, Laurel’s life is about to change and only Destiny knows if it’s for the better. Hold on tight and believe with all your heart.

After all, tis the season for hope, love, and miracles. 

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Excerpt from Chestnuts Roasting Over Dragon Fire:

Meeting the Pack, the whole Pack, every Winters Wolf, took some time but was the one part of all the old traditions Laurel loved. Filled with pride and wonder, she watched in awe, loving Duncan a little more with every second that passed as he humbly and warmly let her introduce him to her extended family.

It had taken almost three months but was so worth it. The Winters Wolves loved Duncan Stone practically as much as Laurel. She could see it in their eyes, feel it in the air, and hear it in their kind words.

Their courtship may have been longer than most, but it was worth every minute. And it was finally almost time, Laurel and Duncan were going to be married, Mated, joined as one, and she couldn't have been happier.

Kissing the tip of her nose, he teased, “You, my gorgeous Wolf, have covered all the bases. I don't think any other Guardsman has ever had a Lupine-Dragon-Cherokee-human Mating ceremony in the history of the universe. Only you, only my gorgeous, amazing, wonderful Mate, could pull it all together.”

“Be careful there, tough guy,” she giggled. “Your soft underbelly is showing.”

“Soft underbelly?” he pretended to growl in mock outrage.

Using the arm wrapped around her shoulder and his incredible strength, it took less than a second for Duncan to lift Laurel off the couch and into his lap. Attacking her neck with silly snarls, loving nips, and more than a few kisses, his voice floated through her mind, “I love you with every fiber of my being, Laurel Winters-Stone. Even my soft underbelly.”

Not only was her Dragon one of the Universe's chosen Warriors, a Blessed Protector, an honest-to-the Goddess hero, but he was also loving and kind, had a good heart, a quick wit, and a fantastic sense of humor. Duncan Stone was everything Laurel could have ever wanted in a Mate and so much more.

Like he said, he was hers, and she was his, and in twelve short hours the whole universe would know it. Nothing in all her years had ever felt so right, so perfect. It was a dream come true.

Watching the taillights of his Harley disappear down the long lane of the Winters Ranch, she'd just closed the curtains and turned away from the window when a low, rumbling boom shook the vast Winters' homestead. Down the hall and out the door, Shifting into the Silver Wolf with whom she shared her soul, Laurel tore across the freshly tilled cornfield, telepathically screaming, “Duncan! Answer me, Duncan! Please, answer me!”

Bursting onto Winters Road right before Wolf's Bend, Laurel skidded to a stop. She couldn't believe her eyes. Flames as far overhead as she could see, the deep red tips fueled by deep orange and bright yellow reached for the Heavens.

Moving closer, no thought for her own safety, praying Duncan had escaped, her eyes locked on the silver bumper of his Harley. Leaping into the air, her jaws open wide, Laurel planned to grab the glowing metal with her teeth and drag her Mate from the fire.

But that was not to be…



Meet NYT & USA Today Bestselling Author Julia Mills

Hey, Y'all! Julia Mills, the Sassy Southern Storyteller here. Thanks so much for stopping by. Hope all is well with you and yours. In my world, a good book where the Vivacious heroine beats the odds and gets her hot Alpha will never let you down. I freely admit, I'm kinda partial to guys with scales and wings, but hey, I can love a Hero with fangs or fur just as much!

I LOVE stalkers. Hop on over and follow me on BookBub or Amazon. You can even sign up for my newsletter right here. And I hang on Facebook and Instagram all the time!

Take Care of YOU, and ALWAYS Dare to Dream!

Talk to ya’ soon!
XOXO Julia

Interview with Julia Mills:

Q: Hi Julia! Tell us about your publishing journey. Did you always want to be an author?

JM:  I have always been a storyteller, especially when I was a kindergarten teacher. That’s when I got the name Sassy Southern Storyteller. My dad thought it was cute, said it once in front of some friends of mine – and the title stuck LOLOL. The first story that I ever shared with anyone was Her Dragon to Slay. I never intended to publish it. It was an escape, something I did while taking care of my mom. Then when she passed away, I shared with a friend who encouraged me to seek out an editor and go for it! It took me awhile to get up the nerve, but finally I did and well, the rest is history LOLOL

Q: Tell us about your heroine. What inspired her quirks and struggles?

JM:  I’ve been told, by quite a few of my readers, that all my female main characters are somehow like me and Laurel is no different. She is stubborn, determined, and tends to leap before she looks. With an inherent belief that everything will be okay if she follows her heart and is considerate of others, she has put her life back together after considerable personal loss.

Q: Tell us about your hero. What motivates him?

JM:  Duncan is one of the Universe’s Chosen, a Winger Warrior who fights evil in an effort to protect not only Dragonkin, but life in all its blessed forms. He is strong and fierce with a heart of gold and the belief that good will always prevail.

Q: Name a few of your favorite authors or books.

JM:  I LOVE to read! I mean, who doesn’t. I have been reading mysteries since I was a little girl. My grandma got me started on the Bobbsey Twins, Nancy Drew and the Hardy boys. I read the books that had been my dad’s and my aunts’ from cover to cover so many times I can still recite bits and pieces LOLOLOL

I have so many favorites that it would take a week to list them all, so, I’ll just give you a few.

JD Robb will ALWAYS hold a special place in my heart because my mom and I used to read them together then talk about them over our Saturday morning coffee.

In the Indie world, I love CD Gorri, her wolves and bears are some of my favorite. Nobody writes PNR Rom Com like Robyn Peterman and Carrie Pulkinen. For cozy mysteries, I get everything Renee George writes.

Q: What is your favorite part of being a published author?

JM:  MY READERS!!! They are the best. For example, it’s been cold here in Florida. Not cold like some are accustomed to, but for this Sassy Southern Storyteller it has been frigid! I mentioned in my newsletter than my toes were about to freeze off and the amazing people who read my books flooded my email with suggestions for the best socks, slippers, and home remedies for keeping my ‘little piggies’ nice and toasty! It was the greatest!

Q: Where can our readers find you? (Social media, website, etc.)

Thanks for hanging out with us, Julia Mills!


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