Win A Paperback Book From Paranormal Romance Author Kaylin Peyerk!

Win A Paperback Book From Paranormal Romance Author Kaylin Peyerk!

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(Royal Covens Book 1)
by Kaylin Peyerk

No vampire has ever given a damn about me or my human family, that is until I was selected to become one.

Every one hundred and twenty-five years the four sinfully sexy ruling coven lords choose a new concubine from the human population. They hand pick a woman based on blood type, often looking for one with the rarest blood type in the world: AB-negative. Only .06 percent of the population carries it. To vampires it's the holy grail, the city of gold. To human women, it's a secret to be covetted, for the lords are known for their cruelty above all else.

To bad I was born with it. . . My blood is both gold and poison.
It was easy to stay hidden until my twenty-fifth birthday, but from that year forward every human on the planet is required to donate blood once per month. For me, that dreadful date is in two days. From that moment on I will be a helpless fool in their cruel game of cat and mouse. All I can do is resist their pull by fighting against them with everything I have. . .

Because as soon as the coven leaders have me locked between their bloodied hands, I know they'll never let me go.

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Excerpt from Blood Demand:

For the rest of the day, I’m left alone. Well, sort of.
Servants give me a tour of the castle which has way too many
rooms, but plenty of places to hide. I note them, even if I’m
beginning to think that I won’t be needing to escape them at
every turn. I had expected the bloodletting to begin right away,
but they simply slipped out of the room after breakfast,
murmuring about work to do. The only one to remain behind
was Micheal, who had only done so to inform me that I’d be
getting a tour from the servants assigned to me. Me.

Scarlet and Eden are nice women, older than me, but
new. Out of respect for the former concubine I had asked them
about her, but they said the maids leave when the concubine
does for privacy purposes. I never asked about the past after
that, only listened to them drone on and on about the historical
relevance of each piece of art in the building. The tour takes
nearly all day, by the time we circle back around to where the
royal rooms are, the sun is dipping low in the sky.

“Your rooms, miss,” Scarlet says, bowing low and
opening a set of double doors at the end of a long hall.

They’re identical to four other sets of doors, in the same
hall, letting me know that my rooms are in the center of theirs.
The thought isn’t exactly comforting, but I’m not terrified
anymore. At least not like I was. My hands start to sweat, but I
don’t go in the room yet, even when I see the grand decadence
from here. The gilded floors, crystal chandeliers, and ancient
wondrous furniture. Despite how beautiful it all seems, walking
in there feels like acceptance, it feels like the final nail in the

“Is it not to your liking?”

I turn to Gabriel, who’s leaning in the doorway two
rooms down. “It’s a beautiful room.”

“But?” He hedges, that stupid condecending smirk on his

“This isn’t the life I wanted.” When I pause, he opens his
mouth, but I cut him off. “And before you tell me that I’m being
childish, I already know. So spare your breath.”

He snorts. “You dislike me, don’t you?”

“Only because you dislike me,” I shoot back.

He pushes off of the doorframe, stalking close enough
that I can see his stubble. “I don’t dislike you, I barely know
you. I dislike the idea of you, I dislike what you represent.”

“And what’s that? Change?” I counter, sticking out my

“Yes, that. And loss,” he whispers, looking me in the
eye, unblinking.

His words steal my breath and I go to take a step back
from him, but he advances. We do that until I’m over the
threshold of my rooms, then into the living room. Gabriel’s face
is still serious, still grave as if his thoughts are far away. The
sight makes my heart squeeze in my chest for this man that I
barely know.

“There, you’re in. Welcome to your new life,” he
murmurs while dragging his knuckles briefly along my cheek.

Then he whirls, stalking from the room, taking my shock
with him.


Meet Author Kaylin Peyerk

My name is Kaylin Peyerk, and I live in the beautiful state of Michigan. I have five full bookshelves, a bursting Kindle library, and a total love for the written word. My favorite genres to read are paranormal romance, fantasy, and the occasional contemporary novel. I am a lover of swimming, video games, and my golden retriever/corgi mix.

Interview with Kaylin Peyerk:

Q: What’s a typical day like for you?

KP:  I work full time during the week as an accountant so I get up around 7AM in order to get to work by 8am. After work I work out, take my dog for a walk, and then sit down to write for an hour or two.

Q: What do you like best about writing paranormal romance?

KP:  I would say how different and interesting romantic relationships can be in the paranormal world. There are fated mates, courting bonds, trial periods, the options are endless. It gives it a sense of excitement and mystery that you can’t get with a classic romance.

Q: What do you like best about Blair?

KP:  I absolutely love how stubborn she is, and how tightly she holds onto her convictions, even while falling for the men she would rather hate. It’s an intricate storyline that touches on forbidden love, destiny, and how your past can affect your future. This outlines exactly who Blair is. She’s a woman who was originally full of hate and resentment, but then blossoms into someone who is strong, fierce, and loyal to a fault.

Q: What do you like best about harem of men? In other words: Micheal, Raphael, Uriel, and Gabriel.

KP:  All of these men are brothers, they have the same father but different mothers. It led them to become the rulers of the four high covens. And while they all look quite similar, there's a little bit of everything for everyone in terms of personality. If you like a man who’s broody and hateful, yet a sinfully sexy bad boy, then Gabriel is your man. If you like someone confident and playful, Uriel would be your best bet. And so forth. Each of them calls to a specific part of Blair’s personality, helping her to become the best woman she can possibly be. That’s the beauty of it, and why I love them.

Q: What’s up next for you?

KP:  I am currently writing two new installments to the Royal Covens Series. One is book two in Blair’s story which is Blood Deception. This book comes out in late November of 2020. Then I will move onto the third Installment which will come out around Christmas, so late December 2020. I also have a Halloween sexy contemporary short story coming out on October 9th, called Sinful Treat. Look out for that as it will be available in KU as all my other stories are.

Q: Where can readers find you? (Social media, etc.)

KP:  Readers can follow me at:

Thanks for chatting with us, Kaylin Peyerk!



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