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Win A $25 Amazon Gift Card & Advanced Copies Of The BLOOD RIGHTS Books by K.B. Thorne!

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(Blood Rights Book 1)
by K.B. Thorne


I’m Sadie Stanton, and I don’t know why everyone makes such a big deal out of me. I’m just like everyone else—I’m trying to start a business, not spending much time on my social life, and dealing with an obnoxious roommate…

Oh, and being a vampire. There’s that. But it’s okay, because we’re all legal now.

But believe me, that doesn’t make life easy. In fact, it might be harder now than ever before, but I did it to myself… And now vampires are attacking people seemingly at random and not even trying to feed.

Everyone is looking to me to help sort out why, but that turns pretty easy into looking for someone to blame.


I guess I’ll need to be faster.

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Excerpt From Bad Blood:

Home was a small two-bedroom house on Maple Street, which was about five minutes from the agency. Looking at the skyline, my body easily sensed I only had a couple more hours before I needed to go to ‘bed’ and sleep through the daylight hours. In the darkness, my vampire sight could tell that the lawn needed mowing, and I hoped Madison might take care of it when there was light out. I didn’t trust myself with the lawn mower, and some of my neighbors were non-vampires who wouldn’t appreciate the noise at that hour, anyway.

I dropped the files I'd brought home with me on the coffee table, put the meat in the fridge, grabbed myself a snack, and then went straight for the bedroom to change into more comfortable clothing before settling down on the couch to read resumes.

One of the positions I was looking to fill was for a hunter. They would fill the traditional bounty hunter role, tracking down bail jumpers who happened to be preternatural, but also would work on hunting down any supernatural being the police didn't feel they were able to take care of.

A good hunter was hard to find, but I wanted to find one to work out of my office. This person might also take on private cases, but always with the permission of the police so they wouldn't be arrested for kidnapping or murder if things got messy.

Unfortunately, the job tended to attract…well, psychopaths was the best word for them. You could only tell so much from a resume, yet I didn't take keenly to the idea of inviting psychopaths into my office. It's one thing when it is walk-in crazy, but inviting it in on purpose is another matter entirely.


Meet Author K.B. Thorne

Born a Connecticut Yankee in nobody's court, K. B. Thorne grew up to brave snow and talk fast.

She started reading when she was three and never looked back, soon frequently falling asleep with a book under her cheek. At eleven, she discovered Night Mare by Piers Anthony and entered the world of grown-up fantasy fiction. As you can guess, it was all over from there. She started writing at fourteen, then met vampires as a teenager and the concept for what would become Adelheid ( now the Blood Rights Series) was soon born. Mia Darien followed a few years later, and the books were released.

However, K. B. is also a third-generation Trekkie. Somewhere in a vault at Paramount is a very angry letter written by her grandmother when Star Trek: The Original Series was cancelled, so sci-fi is in the blood too. Alongside a love of love, and an adoration for her first love of epic fantasy.

K. B. Thorne is the evolution of Mia Darien after years of learning and living. She has taken both of those things to become a smarter, better writer with a fresh new face and take on the literary world. Thorne writes the urban fantasy, fantasy and sci-fi, while Sadie Johnston writes the romance.

These days, when she's not desperately trying to find time to write, she works as a freelance editor/cover artist/formatter and happily lives her unconventional life alongside her very own Named Man of the North and their mini-tank. (Who is, you know, their son.)

Interview With K.B. Thorne:

Q: Hi K.B. Can you start by telling us about yourself?

KBT:  My name is K. B. Thorne. I am a child of New England and proud of it! I tolerate snow way better than I handle the heat, I can tell you that. I also learned that I talk really, really fast, which is only a problem for non-New England folks. 😉 My primary genres are science fiction & fantasy, including urban fantasy. I've written just abotu everything in one way or another. Overall, I just like good stories. I like reading them, and I like telling them.

Q: Tell us about your publishing journey. Did you always want to be an author?

KBT:  I started wanting to be a writer when I was fourteen and wrote my first “novel.” (Forty pages of downright awful fantasy.) I joined the self-publishing world back when it was iUniverse as the name of the game and even got a decent review in a trade publication! That was exciting. Life happened a lot for a while and I didn't get back to it until after my son was born. I know most new mothers get distracted and move away from Their Stuff, and believe me, I understand! For me, though, I had this revelation that if I wanted my son to grow up and live his best life then I needed to show him how by pursuing my own dreams. That's when I reworked that original published story and began publishing Adelheid as Mia Darien.

I started freelancing for the self-pub community in 2012, doing editing and cover art and such, as Mia Darien, which is a big part of why when I decided to “re brand” Adelheid to look more urban fantasy, I chose to change the pen name. My author stuff and freelancing stuff have gotten too tangled up together, so now I am making clear lines between the two. I as K. B. will now run headlong back into publishing!

Q: Tell us about your heroine. What inspired her quirks and struggles?

KBT:  Sadie Stanton is the narrator for the first story. Latter stories have other narrators, but Sadie kind of “ties” all the stories together. She's in every one because all the characters interact in some way. She was my first Queen of Snark, lol. She's a vampire, about a hundred years old. She's kind of the “poster girl” for preternatural rights in the U.S. and that causes all sorts of headaches for her. Headaches and heartaches.

Q: Name a few of your favorite authors or books.

KBT:  My favorite author is Joe Abercrombie. I love “gritty” fantasy, and I have a thing for berserker characters, so the Bloody Nine is my favorite character of all time. Paul S. Kemp's Egil and Nix series is amazing too, though I'm behind on my reading of both of them! When I was young, Piers Anthony, Anne McCaffrey, Terry Brooks, and Robert Jordan were my Big Four and formed a huge part of what made me as a writer. (Later, P. N. Elrod, Laurell K. Hamilton, and Anne Rice added the vampires.)

Q: Where did the idea for your book come from?

KBT:  I started with this idea back in 2003 with “preternatural rights” and becoming legal. The struggles they would face, the prejudice, etc., I studied different past and present civil rights movements, but these things have only become more pronounced across a variety of spectrums. Race. Religion. Sexual orientation. Gender identity. While “rights for vampires” isn't a real world thing, I feel more strongly than ever about writing it out. The parallels between the fight for rights plus the hate groups that came about… I hope folks can see themselves in these battles and maybe apply it to their real world experiences; see things in another way.

Lofty ambitions? Yes. But fiction is often a place where we do that. I grew up watching “Star Trek,” after all.

Awesome! Thanks for hanging out with us, K.B. Thorne!

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