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Win A $10 Amazon Gift Card & Free Book From PNR Author Leann Ryans!

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(Omega Market Book 3)
by Leann Ryans

Lena's parents had her mate chosen already. Going through the center was just a formality before moving into the mansion she'd spent half her life in.
The first time Remi saw Lena he decided she would be his. He'd been patient as he waited for her to mature and go on the Market. It didn't matter what her parents planned. Lena would belong to him, and he was going to show her what it meant to be Owned.

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Excerpt from Owned:

He hadn’t realized how obsessed he would become when he decided to keep an eye on Lena so many years ago. It had taken some work since Gavril kept her so cloistered, but once they moved to Top-Level it became easier.

Remi had been there at each of the company functions she’d attended, watching as she matured from a pretty girl into a beautiful woman. She hadn’t grown much in height, but her body had filled out the curves it only hinted at before, leaving his hands itching for the day he could get them on her.

But he’d been patient, biding his time for the proper moment. When he could take her with no restraint because she belonged to him. When he could show her a real alpha, not that bumbling child who remained glued to her side.

Ivar’s wandering hands during the meal left him fighting the desire to remove them permanently, but Remi locked the rage away. He had to keep his head until everything fell into place. He’d put too much into making sure Lena became his.

And Oso was going to help, he just didn’t know it yet.

A grin lifted the corner of Remi’s lips as he scanned the pedestrians outside the restaurant for the group. He spotted them strolling toward a series of shops and turned to follow, ducking his head in case Ivar looked back. A good alpha would be checking the crowd to protect the precious women he escorted, but the cocky prick was too assured of his status.

Just one more reason Ivar didn’t deserve an omega. He’d been raised soft, given everything he wanted. Remi came up from nothing, earning every scrap he had. He could protect Lena in a way Ivar never could, even with the influence of his name.

But no one would protect her from him.

As he watched her smile up at Ivar he knew what the first lesson he taught her would be. There would be no looking at other males, especially another alpha.

Lena was his.

Swallowing a growl when Ivar’s arm moved to curl around her waist and pull her closer, Remi increased his pace. He hadn’t made sure she was never alone with the creep to allow anything to happen in the last few hours.

He assumed Gavril was only waiting another day to give her this last one with her mother, and Remi wasn’t sure what he’d do if Gavril continued to wait. It had already been too long, and his patience was wearing thin.

When the group walked into one of the shops Remi slowed his pace as he approached the window. He didn’t want to be seen lingering outside, but the shop didn’t look large enough for him to enter without being noticed. Taking a quick glance at the interior as he passed the shopfront, he knew he’d have to find another place to wait for the trio to exit.

He spent an uncomfortable period wedged into the space between the clothing shop and the next store before finally seeing them emerge. Watching Lena cringe away from Ivar’s attempt to put his arm around her shoulders made it worth it, but he didn’t like the look on the young alpha’s face.

Pacing behind them, he was relieved when they turned into a larger store where he could follow without being obvious. Though Ivar had settled for walking beside Lena, something was making his hackles rise as he watched the pair following behind Lena’s mother.

He was pretending to browse dress shoes on the opposite side of the store when Ivar made another move on Lena. The distress on her face as she tried to escape the hand pawing her breast broke his control, and he lunged forward before jerking to a stop.

Chest heaving with fists clenched at his side, he watched Lena say something to her mother and slip toward the back of the store. He assumed she was going for the lavatory, and when Ivar turned to follow her as soon as she was out of sight, Remi moved to follow. The whelp was growing too bold, and Lena clearly wasn’t comfortable with his attention.

Last thread of control ready to snap, Remi broke into a run as Ivar disappeared into the hallway labeled as the way to the restrooms. Lena’s scent lingered in the air, clouding his mind with possessive thoughts he couldn’t act out until she was officially his, but the stench of another alpha prodded him to stake his claim and protect the female.

The sight of Ivar pinning Lena to the wall was too much. His roar echoed through the hall, drawing both set of eyes to him.


Meet Author Leann Ryans!

Leann Ryans is a stay-at-home wife and mother of three. She grew up on Sci-fi and Fantasy books with some of her favorite authors being Anne McCaffery and Mercedes Lackey.

In 2013 she discovered paranormal romance and delved into a whole new world. After reading Omegaverse stories from Addison Cain and Nora Ash, she had the idea for The Omega Prize and decided to take a shot at writing a book of her own.

The beginning was rough, it took two months to write the first five chapters, but as her 2019 New Year’s resolution she said she was going to finish the story and committed to writing every day. It didn't take long for the book to begin telling itself and from there she just kept going.

2020’s goal was to improve her craft and keep putting out more books. Older ones were updated between new releases, so make sure they were up to par.

2021 will bring more books in each of the current series’, plus another anthology and a secret project. For up-to-date information on current books available, check out

Interview with Leann Ryans:

Q: Hi Leann! For those who are new to your books, what is the story about?

LR:  Owned is the third book in my Omega Market series. It is a sci-fi omegaverse blend set in a universe where omegas are required to turn themselves in before their first heat to be matched with a compatible Alpha. They’re really being sold to the highest bidder. Of course, a lot of them fight the law and try to hide, but some try to play the system for their own reasons. The books can be read as standalones since they follow different couples, but you’ll understand the world better by reading from the beginning.

Q: Tell us about your heroine. What inspired her quirks and struggles?

LR:  So many of the omegas I read in other books tried to fight against what they were. They didn’t want to accept being an omega. I wanted women who knew what they were and accepted it. There’s nothing wrong with being delicate and feminine and enjoying having a male protect you.

This particular heroine is young and thought she knew who she was going to end up with but gets a surprise instead.

Q: Tell us about your hero. What motivates him?

LR:  He’s the typical Alpha that wants what he wants, and wants it more because he can snub someone else who wants the same thing. But, he’s also worked his way up from nothing and now has everything he thought he wanted, yet isn’t fulfilled. She becomes the center of his focus.

Q: What is a typical writing day like for you? What inspires you?

LR:  Oh, the insanity! *LOL* I’m a stay home mom with the kids. Two older ones who have totally different school schedules, plus a three-nager who runs the household. Anytime she gets distracted I run off to my office to work, but I typically get interrupted at least twice an hour on a good day. I’ve resorted to bribing the older ones to distract her when they’re free so I can get more time in. I keep telling myself I should get up early to write before she wakes up but doing it has proven unlikely.

At this point I have a list of books I’d like to write. *Someday* I get an idea for a book which usually comes as a visual scene, then I start thinking of how to describe it, and once I start it just goes. I usually have a side character from the initial book that I like and decide needs a book of their own, or I get an idea for the same world but a different situation, and that’s how I end up with multiple ongoing series’ and more ideas than I could possibly write.

Q: Name a few of your favorite authors or books.

LR:  Ophelia Bell was an eye-opener. She pushed my limits when I started reading her, but I found myself enjoying it. She has a saga that stretches through multiple series’ and I love how developed and involved the world is.

Nora Ash is another amazing author that I will one-click with nothing but her name on the cover. Her omegaverse were some of the first I read and hers hold the top spots in my favorites list.

I also love Penelope Bloom. She’s the only non-paranormal author I read literally anything from, and I’m excited that she recently dipped her toes into Romantic-Paranormal-Comedy.

Thanks so much for chatting with us today, Leann!


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