Les Petites Morts by Arial Burnz

Les Petites Morts

(pronounced lay peh-TEETS mohr)

The Title of the Series

La petite mort (lah peh-TEET mohr), meaning “the little death”, is a French idiom or euphemism for “orgasm”. This new series by Arial Burnz consists of individual, stand-alone erotic short stories and each of them has the following in common:

  • ·         10,000 words or less
  • ·         HOT erotic tales
  • ·         Paranormal
  • ·         Twist ending

Les Petites Morts is a double entendre of “the little death”: orgasm (erotic), little (short story), death (horror). The term pluralized, then, means multiple orgasms/multiple short erotic stories.

Books in the series so far:

OTDF_cover01_1700x2550 One To Die For (M/F)

Fame, fortune and females are the life for Russell Schmidt! However, reaching rock-star status through his self-published vampire novels isn’t enough. Trailing after a mysterious woman in red leads to heights of ecstasy he’s never known. But Russ soon finds the tables turned, and his next one-night stand may be to one die for!

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Hot Rod Haunting (F/F/M—ménage)

On a girl’s night out, Kami Jacobs and Mona Rand begin to explore their secret attraction for each other, when an opportunity to lure a specter from the grave is too tempting to ignore. What starts out as a paranormal prank turns into a scorching encounter with Kenny Denman, a hot-rod hunk, and the girls would rather play with him than ghosts.

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