Win A Paperback Copy Of Libra Ascending By Tamar Sloan Plus An Amazing Swag Box Of Prizes!

Win A Paperback Copy Of Libra Ascending By Tamar Sloan Plus An Amazing Swag Box Of Prizes!

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(Zodiac Guardians Book 1)
by USA Today Bestselling Authors Tamar Sloan & Tricia Barr

Twelve teens. One Task. Save the universe.

Brielle has never been normal – she sees things no-one else does. But as it looks like she’s about to be adopted after growing up in an orphanage, she’s the closest she’s ever come. All she has to do is act…well, normal.

The new guy in town, Tristan, is anything but that. On the first day she meets him, he starts talking to her of visions and aliens and a darkness so evil, it will take twelve Zodiac heirs to defeat it. Brielle knows she should run the other way, as fast as she possibly can.

If only she wasn’t so undeniably drawn to him…

When assassins attack and Brielle can no longer deny she has powers, she begins to wonder—is Tristan telling the truth? Are there others like her? Are her feelings so powerful because she and Tristan are soulmates?

And ultimately, will Brielle have to sacrifice everything she’s ever wanted so she can join a daunting fight to save the universe?

Fans of paranormal and sci-fi romance will love this Sailor Moon meets Avengers series from USA Today Best-Selling authors Tricia Barr and Tamar Sloan! Scroll up and one-click your copy now!

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Excerpt from Libra Ascending:

“What would you say is your special talent?” Tristan asks, his handsome smile making her heart trip. “What’s your superpower?”

Brielle pauses. She should say there’s nothing outside of different about her. But for some reason she doesn’t want to evade the question. Something about Tristan makes her trust him. “Okay. Well, I can always tell when someone is lying.”

“Really?” Tristan’s arms are crossed over the table, his gaze fixed on her.

“Try me.”

Tristan purses his lips and tilts his head. “Alright. I’ll spout random things about myself and you tell me if they’re true or not.”

She nods, accepting the challenge.

“I’m seventeen,” he says.


He nods. “I was in New Jersey before I came here.”

Her lie alarm goes off. “False.”

“Lucky guess,” he says. “In fact, I was in Twin Buttes before this.”

“Even though that sounds like it would be a lie, that’s true,” Brielle says with a giggle. “And it’s pronounced ‘byoots’ not ‘butts’.”

“I know, it’s just funnier that way.” He chuckles. “Okay, here’s another one: my favorite color is blue.”

The signal in her chest goes off again, and she shakes her head. “What is it really?”

“Wow, you’re good at this,” he says. “Don’t judge, but my favorite color is actually purple.”

His hand reaches up and fingers a smooth purple gem hanging from a cord around his neck. Is it her imagination, or is the gem glowing slightly?

“Alright, how about this?” She looks up from his necklace to his face, and though his expression remains playful, there’s a serious glint in his eyes. “I’m an alien prince from a far away planet, and I’m here on a mission to find others like me.”

Grinning big at his obvious lie, Brielle pauses and stares at him for a long moment, waiting for the lie radar to signal inside her brain. But it never does. Her grin fades.

“Wait…what?” she asks, the nervous ball in her gut twisting.

He leans closer. “I’m an alien prince on a mission to find others like me,” he repeats. “Is it true or a lie?”

Brielle shakes her head and leans back on the bench, compelled by the sudden urge to create distance between them. He isn’t lying. He truly believes what he’s saying. 

What has she gotten herself into?


Meet USA Today Bestselling Author Tamar Sloan

Tricia Barr and Tamar Sloan are both USA Today Best-Selling authors of unforgettable urban fantasy stories. They live on opposite sides of the globe, but connected over a love of all things romance and adventure. Zodiac Guardians is an epic twelve book series jammed packed with an impossible love that won't be denied, an evil so great it will take twelve Zodiacs to defeat it, and characters that will stay with you long after the last page. Tricia and Tamar can't wait to share it with you!

Interview with Tamar Sloan & Tricia Barr:

Q: Hi ladies! Please introduce yourselves. 

Hello! We’re the USA Today best-selling authors of the newly released Zodiac Guardians series. Tamar Sloan primarily writes young adult urban fantasy, all about finding life and love beyond our comfort zones. Likewise, Tricia Barr is a paranormal romance and urban fantasy author, some of them with a whole lot more sizzling heat!

The Zodiac Guardians series is an exciting project we embarked on, knowing would be cool, but never realizing HOW COOL! We can't wait to share them with you.

Q: How did the Zodiac Guardians series come about?

Tamar:  Zodiac Guardians is Tricia’s brain-child, actually. Tricia and I had already connected seeing as we’re fellow YA urban fantasy authors and become friends (in fact, Tricia’s generous heart has helped me immeasurably in my writing career and I dedicated one of my books to her). One day, she mentioned she had a twelve book zodiac series percolating…I commented it sounded cool but ambitious! She was pondering how to give each character their unique powers when I mentioned the birth stones associated with each star sign.

 Two days later Tricia asked me if I’d like to coauthor the series with her. It totally came from left field, but I was instantly intrigued. A few questions about what this series was all about (and discovering how cool it was) and I was in!!!

Tricia:  I have always been a hardcore fan of Sailor Moon. I used to rush home after school to watch it every day, and it gave birth to my fandom for all things anime, and maybe even all things fantasy. When the new Crystal Sailor Moon series came out, I thought, this would really make a great book, but I wouldn’t dare copy the show. One day, the idea to replace the planets with zodiac signs popped into my head, and I knew I had a winner.

Since brainstorming with Tamar, this series has become so much more than a Sailor Moon tribute, and I believe fans of not only all paranormal/sci fi romance, but also superhero fans will rave about Zodiac Guardians.

Q: How did you decide who would write which character?

Tamar:  For our two star-crossed lovers, I think Tricia and I naturally gravitated to our respective characters. For me, Tristan and his search for his fellow Zodiacs quickly came alive. I remember being nervous asking whether he could be my character (worrying Tricia was as excited about Tristan as I was!), but it seems she had the same draw to Brielle…

As for the others, as we fleshed out their personalities and powers, we allocated them depending on interest so we have six each. Obviously I grabbed the Taurus character seeing as that’s my star sign…

Tricia:  As Libra is my sign (and I’m a little passive-aggressively narcissistic), naturally not only did I make the series main character a Libra, but I also gave her some of my physical qualities and personality traits.

Truth be told, I almost modeled for the cover, but Tamar strongly suggested against it lol

As for the other characters, I tend to write characters with a chip on their shoulder, or major skeletons in their closet, so those were automatic choices for me.

Q: What do you enjoy about coauthoring?

Tamar:  I get to write with someone who has the same passion for romance and urban fantasy, so I love EVERYTHING about coauthoring! I love that a book grows twice as fast as it does when you write solo; I love reading one of Tricia’s chapters, knowing the general idea of what’s going to happen, but discovering the details and nuances she’s woven in; I love sharing the excitement and buzz of weaving such an epic series; I love that there’s someone to nut things out if you’re stuck. This is the second series I’ve coauthored and I’ve found books are better for having two minds create them.

Tricia:  I coauthored an academy series before, and I loved bouncing ideas off the other writers, but what I loved most was the built in editing it affords. I hate editing my own work. And I do tend to miss things as I write. Having a coauthor often means spending less on hiring an editor. And coincidentally, Tamar has edited several of my books in the past, and she always makes my writing stronger, so there’s no one in the world I’d rather write this epic series with!

Q: What can we expect from upcoming books?

Tamar:  so much awesomeness!!! Tristan and Brielle are two amazing young people (and yes, they’re real people in my head…) who are going to struggle with the feeling they’re fated to be together, but everything seeming to suggest otherwise. Star-crossed lovers with a happy ending (that I predict you won’t see coming!)—does it get any better than that?

As for the other Zodiacs and their powers, I love how these twelve books twist and turn and keep the surprises coming. They’ll be dealing with Chardis and his evil plotting, a secret FBI agency no one knows exists, understanding their powers, and their own challenges in coming together as a team. Every book is packed with romance and action and intrigue. I especially love that the Zodiac Guardians are going to become the family many of these guys are searching for.

Tricia:  Expect to have a new favorite series, and lucky you, it’s going to have twelve books! Expect epic romance, suspense, mystery, heartbreak and redemption. And, my favorite part of writing this series, expect a unique marriage of science and fantasy.

Thank you for chatting with us today!



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