Lynn Viehl’s The Darkyn Series

Another recommendation  from the ILVN Facebook page discussion was Lynn Viehl's The Darkyn Series.

Series overview

“The Darkyn are a series of novels by Lynn Viehls.  The Darkyn are a type of vampire.  The original Darkyn were Templar Knights who caught a plague whilst crusading in the Holy Lands.  They returned home and died only to rise again as vampires (or Kyn as they call themselves).  Some of their family members also caught the plague and died although not all of them rose again as Kyn.  Apart from that initial contagious phase, no Darkyn has successfully converted a human to Kyn in about seven hundred years.  The Kyn feed on blood although they don’t need to kill in order to do so, they can influence humans with their scent and they all have a special talent or a gift that is unique to each individual.  They only have one enemy – The Brethren.  The Brethren are a secret order of the Catholic Church and are more evil than the devils they claim the Kyn to be.”

Books in The Darkyn series

  1. If Angels Burn
  2. Private Demon
  3. Dark Need
  4. Night Lost
  5. Evermore
  6. Twilight Fall
  7. Stay the Night

Books in the Lords of the Darkyn series

  1. Nightborn
  2. Nightbred
  3. Nightbound – 2013

What do you think?  Have you read this series?  Are you going to check it out?

Emma Edwards

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