Win A $10 Gift Card & Autographed Copy of Markus by M.A. Gonzales!

Win A $10 Gift Card & Autographed Copy of Markus by M.A. Gonzales!

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(A Nightshade Falls Novel Book 1)
by M.A. Gonzales

Nightshade Falls is supernatural playground where anything goes. Anything except a Vampire and a Shifter together, in love.

We should have been bonded forever…
But my future mate, chose me above all others only to walk away with another.
And not just anyone— my best-friend.
Make that Ex best-friend.
I was barely hanging on when Markus shows up, sending me on a free-fall with his dangerous good looks and mysterious stormy gray eyes.
He could be the one to set me free and unleash a desire I never imagined, if only our mating wasn’t forbidden.
When danger comes stalking me, Markus is the only one who can protect me, but protecting me might lead us down a path neither of us is ready for.

I have a job to do, I can’t afford any distractions.
The moment I step into the mountain bar, I can’t tear my gaze away from the gorgeous shifter I haven’t seen before.
It isn’t just her body that holds me captive, but there’s something in her eyes that I recognize—loneliness, betrayal. I know both well.
She looks so lost. Damn if I don’t want to be the one to find her.
A vampire’s primal urges are hard to control, harder than any other supernatural and when we want something, we go after it.
I want Zoey. Even though I shouldn’t… our species are enemies. The urge to take her, protect her is primal, one I can’t ignore.
Taking her won’t be for just a night… my touch will seal our fate. I might be able to save her, but I could damn us both in the process.

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Excerpt from Markus:

I dip my chin once, not saying anything. I don’t trust my voice. She has every right to be upset regardless of my reasoning, but I can’t stop the emotions rolling through me. The sting of her accusation is still there. Knowing that she thinks I would be capable of something like that burns me up in a way that I’ve never felt before. Usually, I don’t care what people think about me, but this time I do. Pressing my hands against my upper thighs, I get to my feet. “I’ll bring you some sweats.”

“Wait.” She grabs my hand. Looking up at me, her throat moves as she swallows, her eyes plead for understanding. “Please. I didn’t mean it like that. I swear.”

Looking down at where her hand is clutching mine, I drag my thumb across the back of her palm. Her skin is soft, like silk and warm beneath my cool, callused thumb. Staring down into her blazing green eyes, I open my mouth to tell her it’s all right, but nothing comes out. She looks so earnest and honest, like she really cares. It’s an odd sensation to have someone worried about me. I can’t remember the last time someone worried about me, other than Nikola.

“I really didn’t mean to hurt you.”

I huff a small laugh, it seems this woman will never stop surprising me. “It’s okay,” I murmur, cupping her cheek and brushing my thumb underneath her eye. “It didn’t hurt that bad.”

Reaching up, she presses her hand over the back of mine. “I know I wouldn’t be here, alive, if it wasn’t for you.” Turning her face, she holds my palm to her mouth and brushes her lips across my skin.

My heart skips a beat as those soft, pouty lips I’ve been obsessing over lights a fire in my blood. Her soft, little pink tongue brushes lightly over the tip of my thumb, fanning the fire in my blood even higher. In an instant my cock throbs, swelling and pressing against the zipper of my jeans. I’m so hard I’m positive I’m going to have metal teeth marks etched into my skin. The sweet scent of her arousal hits me like a ton of bricks, hammering at my control like a battering ram. I need to put some space between us before I can’t.

Clutching the red checkered blanket to her chest, she reaches out and taking my hand. Her soft fingertips feathering across my skin feels so good. Soft as silk. I want to know if she’s this soft everywhere and what she tastes like. Sugar? Honey? Some earthy spice. Fuck, my gut tightens in anticipation. This woman’s tying me in knots without even trying.

Before I can say anything else, she’s on her tiptoes, her left hand pressing against my shoulder urges me to move closer. I think she’s going to whisper something in my ear, so I lower my head. Those soft, pillowy lips press against mine, catching me by surprise. My jaw tightens, heat floods my body spreading across my cheeks, body tight, every muscle rigid. Her warm breath caresses my cheek as she tilts her head, parting her lips. The tip of her soft tongue skims across my bottom lip. My body jerks, hard. Groaning loudly, I open my mouth and that sweet, teasing tongue dips inside.

Slipping my fingers into her silky locks, I tighten my fist and pull her head back. A low growl rumbles my chest, but she doesn’t look frightened. On the contrary, her eyes are dilated, cheeks rosy and lips parted.

My nostrils flare slightly as I draw a deep breath, I realize my mistake as the thick scent of cinnamon and lilies slams into me. Damn, she smells sweet. All aroused, smelling like she wants me to fuck her on the couch, the floor, against the wall, anywhere just as long as I’m inside her. I want to taste every inch of her. Sink myself so deep inside her that nothing can get between us. I want to take her in every position I can imagine, making her claw my back and scream my name until she’s hoarse. I suck and nip on her pouty bottom lip. She melts against me, yielding to me, her body telling me that she wants this as much as I want her. Wherever I lead, she’ll follow. Eagar, and so uninhibited in her response to me, and damn does it turn me on.

How in the hell did I get into this situation? I wonder as I stare into those blazing, sexy green eyes then I realize something. Every cell in my body throbs with need. This is a bad situation because I want her more than I want my next breath, and I’m not about to turn her down. I want to take her, gorge myself on the sexy shifter staring up at me, trust shinning in her eyes. She’s ruined me and she doesn’t even know it.


Meet Author M.A. Gonzales

M.A Gonzales loves writing stories full of erotic passion with vampires, hot alpha male shifters, vampires, werewolves and countless other species that she’s just made up in her head. Her alpha males will leave you panting for more, and the feisty, independent heroines who capture their hearts will have you rooting for them. Her contemporary or paranormal romances will have you believing that love does in fact conquer all.

A lover of wine, chocolate and everything sinfully sexy, romantic and funny you can catch M.A. engaging in a number of activities from reading, to watching her favorite movies. She lives in Northern California with her children and her very own sexy, tattooed, alpha hero.

Interview with M.A. Gonzales:

Q: Why paranormal? What drew you to the genre?

MAG:  What I like about paranormal is the endless possibilities. In the world you create anything is possible as long as you explain it and keep things consistent. I also like the magical element in paranormal. The different variety of creatures you can create and play with. It also gives you an opportunity to include real issues that are going around in the world and blend it into your own.

Q: Where can our readers find you?

MAG:  Readers can find me on facebook at:

Instagram: @m_a_gonzales1980

Author group:

Twitter: @magonzales1980



Q: What is your favorite part of being a published author?

MAG:  I love creating worlds, characters and journeys. Every story I write is alive in my head like a movie. I see it play out and I experience everything the characters experience. I write it down, I cry with them, laugh with them, hurt with them. It’s incredible. I love it when my readers read a book I’ve put so much time and effort into and tell me that they could really feel my characters, that they cried with them. It’s such a big compliment. If you can get someone so wrapped up in a character that they cry because of something the character experienced, yeah, that’s where the real magic is.

Q: What is your ideal reading experience?

MAG:  I read so many different books and different genres. It’s how I unwind from my own writing, how I unwind from a stressful day, how I relax and recenter myself. I like all types of books from fiction to nonfiction, from graphic novels to romance. I love reading all kinds of things. To pick my ideal reading experience is impossible because reading is such a big part of who I am that I just can narrow it down.

Q: Name a few of your favorite authors or books.

MAG:  Anna Hackett, a sci-fi romance author.

Cynthia Eden, a wonderful paranormal romance author as well as contemporary. She’s a big inspiration to me.

Jenika Snow, her alpha males that are totally dedicated to their women are sexy as hell.

Lara Adrian, author of the Breed Series which is an amazing take on vampire like creatures.

Lacy Thorne, her Awakening the Pride series is amazing and scorching hot.

Felicity Heaton, try any of her paranormal series, vampires or angels and you will not regret it.

Thanks for hanging out with us, M.A. Gonzales! 

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J.D. Brown is the 5x award-winning author of the Ema Marx Series, the Daughter of Eve series, and the Jordan Korento series. A lover of fine cuisine, coffee, and shoes, J.D. never understood why shoe stores don’t serve Starbucks and soufflé. She resides in Illinois where she writes urban fantasy - aka vampires for adults - and has political debates with her dogs. She loves to hear from fans and is active on FaceBook Find her books on Amazon available in print, ebook, and audiobook.

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