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(An Enchanted Magic Novel Book 1)
by USA Today & Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author Sam Cheever

I’m Glynn Forester and I’m Magis. More. I enhance and strengthen magical energy. My power augments rather than creates. But sometimes More is not enough.

My world is fractured between magic and non-magic. The magical elite rule. And they are ruthless and corrupt. They want what I protect. But protecting it has been my family’s job for time before time. So I hide. I hide from those who would attempt to use my abilities for unscrupulous purposes. I hide to save innocents from their venom.

But something’s changing. The world around me is pulsing with malevolent magic, I realize I no longer have the luxury of anonymity. It’s hard to give up my old ways. But I may not have a choice. Others will need my help. And if I deny them I’ll be no better than those who threaten my world.

Will my magic make a difference in this new reality? I can offer Magis. More. But will it be enough? And will there be anything left of me when it’s done?

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Excerpt from Magis:

A light fog had settled into the zone. A cool mist that fell over my clothes and turned my chin-length brown bob stringy and limp. The miasma encapsulated the gently awful smell that always pervaded the street, invigorating it, turning it into something almost alive.

I grimaced as I shifted against the still-warm scratchiness of the roof. My boot stuck for a beat, clinging to the tar where a piece of the shingle had broken away.

Behind me, the soft glow of a lamp bathed the sharp slope of roof. Like a siren’s melodious notes sifting through the fog of a storm-tossed sea, the light called to me.

I sighed, shifting again.

My stomach growled. I winced at the sound, despite the fact that it fell into the fog and was lost. Nobody heard it but me. It was a stark reminder that it had been a long night, and I was ready for it to be over.

But it wasn’t over yet.

Not until I found him.

Not until I confronted him.

A soft scuff had me straightening from my crouch, the sharp, wavy blade of my knife held at my side in a firm grip. The grip of the weapon was warm, as if I’d been holding it for a while. But it had been safe in its sheath against my thigh.

The shadows behind the mist swirled and gained density. I tensed, staring into the moving fog. “Who is it?”

My voice was soft enough to barely nudge the mist aside. But the creature that moved in an uneven shuffle in my direction heard me. He heard me just fine.

Perfectly round eyes glowed briefly in the light from my window. A small face, gray and leathery, grimaced as he took in my stance ─ the charcoal heft of my knife. “Sorry, Glynnie,” the little gargoyle said. “I didn’t try to sneak.” Boyle ducked his head, his pointed ears shifting with guilt. A soft scraping sound preceded the sliding of his long tail across the roof, and his claws scritched softly as he sat.

“It’s okay,” I told the baby. I gave him a smile because he had a tender psyche and was generally unsure of himself. That was what happened when you were dumped with a stranger as an infant. “I should have been paying attention.”

He shifted again, the scritch, scritch, scritch of his strong black claws a soft song in the night. “Is da man there?” he asked in a whisper so loud it couldn’t help carrying across the street.

I hid a grin. “No.” I turned back to the street below, watching the moonlit surface of the rough asphalt for signs of the creature who’d invaded my life and yanked what peace I’d managed to scrounge brutally away. “Not tonight.”

My stomach growled again. A soft huff of amusement spilled between Boyle and me. I grinned, spreading my palm over my belly. “I’m hungry,” I told him. “How about you?”

His round eyes, so dark in the night but a bright turquoise blue in the sun, sparkled with excitement. “Yeth!”

I grinned at the soft lisp. He’d almost grown out of the tendency with the arrival of his adult teeth. But every once in a while, one would slip through again. I loved the sound. It reminded me of the first years of his life. “Come on, then.,” I told him, moving toward the window. “I made stew.”

The baby ’goyle gave a gentle huff of pleasure. He jumped through the window when I opened it, landing with a soft thump and then waddling across the room and flinging himself onto my bed.

Boyle loved my bed. He rolled happily, pulling the covers over his small body with another huff of pleasure.

I climbed inside and turned, my gaze sliding across the street below for just one more minute. My heart pounded hard with expectation or worry. I was never sure which anymore.

He was out there. I knew he was. I just had to keep watch. Eventually, I’d catch him in the act of invading both my mental and defensive space.

It was only a matter of time. And then I’d ask him why he was there. Because his presence felt wrong. It felt dangerous. Like an omen of bad things to come.


Meet USA Today & Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author Sam Cheever

USA Today and Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author Sam Cheever writes mystery and suspense, creating stories that draw you in and keep you eagerly turning pages. Known for writing great characters, snappy dialogue, and unique and exhilarating stories, Sam is the award-winning author of 80+ books.

Interview with Sam Cheever:

Q: Hi Sam! Tell us a little about yourself!

SC:  My name is Sam Cheever, I live outside of Indianapolis, Indiana, in the countryside. I love the country for a lot of reasons, but mainly because I can keep a lot of dogs. We rescue dogs and live with 14 of the sweet darlings. We have a big, fenced-in yard so our fur babies have a lot of room to run. But they’re all inside dogs, spoiled and pampered. As you can imagine, most of my books include animal sidekicks, but they’re not limited to dogs. Cats, frogs, a mouthy magical parrot, and even a pot-bellied pig are represented in my books. *grin*

My genres include urban fantasy, cozy and paranormal mysteries, and romantic suspense. My newest release, Magis, is urban fantasy.

Q: Why paranormal? What drew you to the genre?

SC:  I LOVE magic and things that go bump and growl in the night. With magic, there are infinite possibilities. Nothing is off the plate as long as it makes sense for a story. Writing paranormal gives me a chance to break all the rules and create a few of my own. Plus, paranormal stories tend to be action-oriented. As a reader, I NEED action in my reading, so that’s the way I write. I love paranormal adventure stories. I’m currently writing in 4 paranormal series: Enchanting Inquiries, Yesterday’s News, Reluctant Familiar, and the series Magis begins, Enhanced Magic.

Q: For those who are new to your books, what is the story about?

SC:  Magis is the first Urban Fantasy I’ve written in a while. I’m generally known for my mysteries, paranormal and cozy. But I wrote a popular UF series when I first started out and I LOVED writing those books. It’s been fun getting back to my roots, and I really enjoyed writing Magis. I adore the characters who inhabit the Enhanced Magic world and the action is fun, with lots of monsters and twists. Here’s a short blurb:

‘I’m Glynn Forester and I’m Magis. More. My power augments rather than creates. My world is fractured between magic and non-magic. The magical elite rule and they’re ruthless. They want what I protect. But protecting it has been my family’s job for centuries. Sometimes More is not enough. Is it enough for this? Or will the coming storm take me down?’

Reader review: “This first book in the new MAGIS series is amazing, packed with constant action from one page to the next. The characters come alive and you are immediately drawn into them, feeling you’ve known them as friends forever.”

Q: What is your favorite part of being a published author?

SC:  This is an easy question for me. I love being able to write what I want to write. To go where my overactive imagination takes me. And I’m constantly amazed that there are people who are excited to read what I write. LOL Unlike the old days of a few big publishing houses serving as gateways to decide what everybody gets to read, today’s publishing world is wide open. The world of story possibilities has opened up over the last decade, with something for every reader’s tastes. It’s been fun and energizing to discover that there are lots of other readers out there who love the same kind of fiction I do!

Q: Where can our readers find you? (Social media, website, etc.)

SC:  I have a presence on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram, but to be honest, I really only post regularly to Facebook. I try to spend most of my time writing and performing the business end of things, so it makes sense for me to pick one social media spot and maximize my time there. The following are the key spots where you can interact with or follow me, and/or find out about my work:




Amazon Author Page:

Thanks for chatting with us, Sam!


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JD Brown

J.D. Brown is the 5x award-winning author of the Ema Marx Series, the Daughter of Eve series, and the Jordan Korento series. A lover of fine cuisine, coffee, and shoes, J.D. never understood why shoe stores don’t serve Starbucks and soufflé. She resides in Illinois where she writes urban fantasy - aka vampires for adults - and has political debates with her dogs. She loves to hear from fans and is active on FaceBook Find her books on Amazon available in print, ebook, and audiobook.

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