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Win FREE Ebooks & A Coffee Mug From Mia Harlan!

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(A Paranormal Reverse Harem: Spell Library Book 1)
by Mia Harlan

Can I tell you a secret?

I'm a chameleon shifter…
…and I've spent the past year posing as my 80-year-old best friend!

No one can ever find out! Not even my three hot, fated mates:
– My bear shifter colleague
– A seductive vampire mage
– And a hulking troll cop

If they ever discover who I really am, so will my enemies, and I'll end up dead—or worse!

Violet is a fun, quirky paranormal reverse harem romance. Read it on Amazon today!

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Meet Author Mia Harlan

Mia Harlan writes humorous, quirky reverse harem romance. She believes in soulmates, happy books, and dreams come true. A librarian by day and author by night, Mia lives in Canada with her cat and her shifter mate.

Interview with Mia Harlan:

Q: Hi Mia! Can you please tell us about yourself?

MH:  Hi, I’m Mia Harlan, and I write humorous, quirky, paranormal reverse harem romance. I’m a librarian by day and an author by night, and I’ve been reading romance since I turned thirteen. I live in Canada with my husband, who is definitely Not a Vampire, and our adorably fluffy cat. 

Q: For those who are new to your books, what is the story about?

MH:  Violet is about an 80-year-old librarian (yes, eighty, no, it's not a typo)… but it’s also not. Violet is about an old lady who gets a reverse harem (three sexy young men, to be exact)… but it’s also not. What Violet is, is a romance, with fated mates, hilarious hijinx, and all the feels. It's also set in a paranormal small town called Silver Springs, where the Jewels Cafe series and the Spell Library Series of stand-alones are both set. 

Q: Is any part of your story or the characters based on personal experience?

MH:  Yes! In my twenties, I started a writers group at the library… and everyone who joined was a senior. You'd think I would have felt out of place, but I never noticed the age difference between us. To me, they were my friends, and that's what inspired Violet… that you can look eighty on the outside, but that doesn’t dictate who you are on the inside. I'm also a librarian, and so is Violet, so I got to have fun building her the sort of library I’d want to work at.

Q: Tell us about your publishing journey. Did you always want to be an author?

MH:  I’ve wanted to be an author since I was a little kid. I would even tell my mom bedtime stories, instead of the other way around. I started writing short stories in elementary school and began working on a novel with my bestie in middle school. It took us 12 years to finish it, but we got there! In 2012, I discovered Wattpad, and I wrote on there as @miameade until 2019, when I started publishing on Amazon as Mia Harlan.

Q: What is your ideal reading experience?

MH:  I love books that make me laugh, stories that make me swoon, and book boyfriends who make my heart race. I love books that are fun, entertaining, and a breeze to read. But the ideal reading experience for me? Books that make me happy! And I hope my books have made at least one other person happy, because that's the number one reason I write!  

Q:  Name a few of your favorite authors or books.

MH:  I absolutely love reading. I got hooked on romance when I turned 13, and I've been reading romance exclusively ever since! I have so many favorite authors: Julie Garwood (whose historicals first got me hooked on romance), Lynsay Sands (who turned me paranormal), Pippa Grant (who showed me I could quirky, weird and crazy), Eva Delaney and Athena Wright (who first got me into reverse harem) and the other authors who write in our small town of Silver Springs for helping build a fictional home I never want to leave! 

Q: Where can our readers find you? (Social media, website, etc.) 

Thanks, Mia!

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