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Win A $25 Amazon Gift Card From The Authors Of Midnight Whispers!

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A Paranormal And
Urban Fantasy Anthology
by Bestselling Author Jessica Wayne, C. Hallman, et al.

The vampires gather when the sun goes down

The wolves howl as the moon grows round

The witches whisper as the stars drown…

The worlds of supernatural and familiar collide in this thrilling collection of books.

Delve into the darkness and experience a world that exists just beyond the boundary of our reality. These authors bring you stories of vampires, shifters, demons, witches, faes, and angels.

Immerse yourself in the pages and join in on the adventures as you get lost in chaos, excitement, betrayal, love and romance because when worlds collide, sometimes all that is left in the dark of night are whispers…

Satisfy your paranormal romance and urban fantasy cravings with MIDNIGHT WHISPERS – a 23 book collection from USA Today, and NYT Bestselling authors.

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Excerpt from Midnight Whispers:

She found him in the living room where a fire roared beneath the mantle. He’d put a shirt on, covering what is probably the most perfect man-chest in the history of man-chests.

If that wasn’t a thing, it totally should be.

Dusted with hair, his broad chest narrowed down to a thin waste and an abdomen rippling with muscle.

“Here.” He offered her a small glass, pulling her away from thoughts she really had no business thinking.

“Thanks.” Tipping the glass up, she downed a good portion of the liquor. It burned as it went down, and Abby couldn’t decide what she regretted more.

Eye-screwing her host or downing liquor that was meant to be sipped. As he refreshed her beverage, she decided it was number two.

After setting the bottle on the table before him, Aengus took a seat on the couch. She followed suit, putting a cushion between them. “So, do you night-drink often?”

“Only when I have trouble sleeping. You?”

“Same, which is pretty much every night.”


She turned from the fire and toward him, not at all surprised to see his gaze on her. After all, she’d felt him watching her from the moment she’d stepped into the room. “Nightmares. You?”


“What’s a guy like you have nightmares about?” she asked, yet another foot-in-mouth situation.

But when his mouth quirked up into a tight smile, Abby’s stomach fluttered. Was it possible to turn to mush? Because if he smiled at her like that again, she was pretty damn sure she just might melt.

“You’d be surprised.”

“I’ve been having the same dreams my entire life,” she offered up. Might as well test him a bit to see if he’s into the whole dreaming of complete strangers who actually turn out to be real.


She nodded and took a sip. “They aren’t the same ones, more random and, I’m pretty sure out of order.”

“How can dreams be out of order?”

“That’s exactly what I’m wondering!” she exclaimed, and he grinned again, his crystal blue eyes lighting up.

“What’s a girl like you dream about?”

The repeat of her words made Abby’s heart skip. He was definitely into her, or at least, she was pretty damn sure he was. “Love, loss, heartbreak…the usual.”

“The love part doesn’t sound too bad.”

“It wouldn’t be except my dreams ruined me for any real relationships.” Should she feel weird about pouring her thoughts out to a stranger? Probably. But Aengus felt nothing like someone she just met. He was an old friend, a dreamscape lover, and talking to him felt nearly as natural as breathing.

“I’m sorry to hear that.”

She shrugged. “It is what it is, it’s really my fault.” She met his eyes. “It’s nearly impossible to live up to a dream.”

Without hesitation, he replied, “Not if the dream itself is reality.”



Interview With The Authors of Midnight Whispers:

Q: Hi, ladies! Tell us about your publishing journey. Did you always want to be an author?

D.H. Gibbs:  I've always written and told stories but I never thought about becoming and author. It wasn't until a school project, where I had to write and create a book by hand, did I discover my love of story telling.

Sade Rena:  I published my first book in May 2015, a book I wrote when I was sixteen. I’ve always wanted to be an author, and jumped at the first chance to go Indie.

Q: Why paranormal? What drew you to the genre?

Candace Sams:  I first wrote in the paranormal genre because I couldn't find what I was looking for in bookstores. At that time, everyone was with a publisher and publishers weren't open to what I wanted to read. I did not want to be an author but got tired of the same thing being offered in the paranormal romance genre. I sort of struck out on my own and began writing strange combinations of shifters and otherworldly situations. Now I write everything from PNR to space opera, science fiction, fantasy, etc.

Sade Rena:  I fell in love with paranormal with The Vampire Diaries. I’d always been into folklore, mythology and such, but it was that series that encouraged me to stretch my brain to create worlds just as captivating.

Q: What’s your favorite type of paranormal creature and why?

Sade Rena:  My favorite paranormal creature is the Phoenix because though it’s represented by many cultures, the symbolism remains: rebirth.

Q: For those who are new to your books, what is the story about?

Sapphire Winters:  It's an adult paranormal version of the parent trap. Lots of steamy forbidden romance moments along with secret twin vampires and evil witches.

K.M. Taylor:  The Descendant is centered around Keyaura, a girl who wakes up with snakes in her hair on her birthday, and Alas, the man charged with helping her develop the magical powers that she inherited from her ancestor, Medusa. Yes, *that* Medusa. Romance is forbidden amongst fellow descendants, but seeing as Alas had to sleep with Keyaura to activate her powers, he was already a goner—longer before he looked into those mesmerizing purple eyes. 

Q: Tell us about your heroine. What inspired her quirks and struggles?

Meg Anne:  I actually fell in love with the idea of a soul contractor running into their soul mate before coming up with my heroine. Like what the heck do you do in that situation? Save him, obviously! So having Maisie battle with how to do that without revealing who she was set the stage for everything else. I mean once you've experienced true love, how can you ever really live without it or pass it up when you get a second chance?

Q: Tell us about your hero. What motivates him?

Lea Jade:  My story has more than one hero since it's RH, but Jason is my fave. He's Verity's ex, and a newly turned vamp, so his emotions and his desires are all over the place! He's been so used to knowing what he wants as a human, that his new lease of life is almost alien to him. He longs to revert back to his risk-averse, highly moral, human self but he can't. His vampire urges are too strong, and the lure of them has him reeling, losing control. And also loosening up a bit! Protecting Verity has always been his number one motivation, he's just not sure how to do that now he's also blood-sucking, selfish a-hole, vamp!

Q: Is any part of your story or the characters based on personal experience?

Eve L. Mitchell:  My book is set in Scotland and while the town that my heroine lives in, is fictional, the settings for some chapters are not. I visited St Andrew’s cathedral last year and as soon as I walked into the grounds, my story started writing itself in my head.

The next day I went to Dunnottar Castle – a short drive from where I live, and I just knew my book had to involve this ruin also.

I took far too many pictures of both ruins but the atmosphere of both of them and the history of both needed to be incorporated into my story and both play a significant part in the story.

Q: What is a typical writing day like for you? What inspires you?

Heather Mackinnon:  I'm a full time author and a full time mom, but my son is the real boss. I work around his schedule which gets me about 3 hours to write during the day while he naps. In between those hours I'm usually blasting whatever playlist is currently inspiring me and jotting down notes all over my house.

Thanks so much for chatting with me today, ladies! 


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