Your Monday Reading List – 11/26/18

Your Monday Reading List – 11/26/18

Keeper of Hell's Island
Joy Spraycar

Keeper of Hell's Island: Southern Gate (The Keepers Book 1) by [Spraycar, Joy]How can you escape a living hell when God is the one who put you there? YOU DON'T!
Despite his role as Chaplain and Keeper of Hell's Island, Tavin finds his faith lacking as friends and family members have died horrible deaths. Instead of finding solace in his God-given duties, Tavin curses the day he was born a McLellan and years for a life far away from this living hell. But when a chestnut-haired beauty washes up on shore, he begins questioning everything he's ever known about God's plan. Can Tavin put aside his selfish needs long enough to find love and fulfill his destiny? Is he the key to mankind's survival?

Viola Wellington wants more than the courtly existence arranged for her in Friar Commonwealth. Armed with her dying grandmother's promises of a better life on distant shores, Viola set out on a harrowing adventure guaranteed to alter her future. Now stranded on Hell's Island with a man she believed only existed in her dreams, Viola fins herself caught between love for Tavin McLellan and her family's God-give calling. Could she hold the key to man's survival?

The Keepers Creed
In the Beginning of Time,
God called His six most faithful before him.
To each, He gave a charge.
To four, He gave the keys to the four gates —
The East, the West, the North, and the South.
To the other two, He gave and object–
To one, The Cauldron,
To the other, the Vambrace of Tim.
Each took solemn vows to fulfill their assignments.
A duty to be passed from one generation to the next,
Until such time as God appeared to take back the hallowed objects.
And so they did as commanded.
Now, the objects and the Keepers await God's return


The Vampire Extinction: Greyson Undead
Jennifer Martucci

The Vampire Extinction: Greyson Undead (Book 1) by [Martucci, Jennifer, Martucci, Christopher]The Vampire Extinction: Greyson Undead is an exciting new paranormal series that will take fans of Twilight, The Mortal Instruments, The Vampire Diaries and A Shade of Vampire on a thrill ride unlike any other…

Greyson Black hated what he was: a monster. Forced to feed on the blood of humans, he’d been condemned to a life of darkness and murder to survive. Though others like him celebrated their fate, Greyson cursed it. Unlike them, he had a conscience, one that prohibited him from feeding on innocents. Instead, he chose to kill only those he deemed deserving. Those the world would be better off without.

Despising the vicious nature of his kind, Greyson lived a life of complete solitude. An empty life without anyone or anything to live for. But of that all changed the day he met Alex Lockhart.

The only human he’d ever encountered who didn’t fall victim to the trap of his allure, Alex made him feel alive again for the first time in decades. She caused him to feel a dangerous emotion: hope.

A violent encounter threatened to tear at the thread of happiness Greyson clung to, and forced him to choose between letting Alex die and enslaving her to a life like his. A life spent in shadows. A life of bloodlust.

But would changing Alex even save her?

Dark forces lurked, stalking and conspiring against all vampires. Killing them systematically and intent upon exterminating every last one of them.

Will Greyson and Alex survive the hunt or will they fall to the vampire extinction? Find out in this riveting first installment of The Vampire Extinction series, Greyson Undead…


Preternatural Affairs, Books 1-3:
​​​​​​​Witch Hunt, Silver Bullet, and Hotter Than Helltown
SM Reine

Preternatural Affairs, Books 1-3: Witch Hunt, Silver Bullet, and Hotter Than Helltown by [Reine, SM]My name's Cèsar Hawke. I’m a witch working for a division of the government you’ve never heard about. The world’s not what everyone thinks it is—unless you think that our world’s a pawn in a game of chess between Heaven and Hell and riddled with as much magic and wonder as it is with evil. In that case, the world is exactly what you think.

My place of employment—the Office of Preternatural Affairs—takes a modern approach to an ages-old problem. It used to be that inquisitors would burn demons and the people in league with them. Now we get warrants, perform arrests, put the suspects on trial, and send guilty parties back to the Hell from whence they came with the travel forms filled out in triplicate.

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