Your Monday Reading List – 1/15/18

Your Monday Reading List – 1/15/18

Bearly Royal: Alaric
Ally Summers

Bearly Royal: Alaric by [Summers, Ally ]Bearly Royal: Alaric

The king always gets what he wants.

At least King Alaric always has until he meets sassy American, Eden Jacobs.
The last thing he’s looking for is a mate.
But after one night with innocent and studious Eden, his bear has a different plan in mind.
One taste of her and he’s willing to shake up the royal family, no matter what the cost.

Studying abroad, Eden has no idea she’s in a country ruled by an alpha bear shifter.
Her roommate convinces her to be reckless for a night.
Only, it lands her in the hands of the king.
Now Eden must decide if she’s willing to give up everything for a man she barely knows, but for some reason can’t resist.
Deep down she can’t help but feel he’s hiding something.

A secret that could tear them both apart.

**Full-length standalone steamy romance shifter novel with a guaranteed HEA, no cheating and NO cliffhanger. Break out your fans—you’re going to need it for all the heat!**


Victoria Evers

Insidious: An Urban Fantasy Romance (The Marked Mage Chronicles, Book 1) by [Evers, Victoria]What's worse than being hunted by a devil?
Discovering you've been mated to one.

Since moving to Mystic Harbor, Maine, I've made it my life's mission to avoid Reese Blackburn at all costs. Sure, he has cheekbones that could cut glass, not to mention bedroom eyes that could melt any girl into a puddle on the floor. Too bad that doesn't change the fact he's completely stab-worthy. When a fun night out on the town turns deadly, I quickly discover the quaint little hamlet of Mystic Harbor houses more than sandy beaches and adorable B&B's. Beneath the New England charm rests a deadly world where shifters, demons, vampires, and angelic hunters all vie for power.

A world where magic is the greatest weapon.

Magic that people are willing to kill for.

Magic that I now possess.

After that one fateful night, I can feel the changes beginning to take hold of me. Worse yet, I have no idea what I'm even turning into! All I know is someone wants me dead, and someone even worse wants me alive. Hell's mystifying Crown Prince of Lust has just marked me to be his Mate, and this handsome devil won't stop until he claims what is his. My only real ally rests in the one person I can't stand: the insufferably gorgeous Reese Blackburn.

I was just your average seventeen-year-old girl. Now, my very soul is at stake. Can my unlikely partnership challenge fate itself before it's too late, or will I be forever damned as a Princess of Hell?

Dark. Romantic. Dangerous. And Sexy As Hell. Perfect for fans of The Vampire Diaries, Teen Wolf, and all things Supernatural. If you love paranormal romances, urban fantasy, fated mates, magic, vampires, shifters, demons, teen fantasy, mythology, tragic romances, Gothic themes, supernatural creatures, young adult dark fantasy, and some devilish bad boys, then the world of THE MARKED MAGE CHRONICLES awaits you!


Blood Price
A L Wright

Blood Price (Noble of Blood Book 1) by [Wright, A.L.]The Noble Patriarch had ruled the land for over a thousand years, establishing a lasting peace for the humans and a position of power for his Nobles. His kind lived in a palace in Noble's Rest, the largest town of the land. With his son at his side, his rule had been long and comfortable.

This all threatens to change when his son takes a human girl as his Chosen. With the Nobles of the palace upset, the Patriarch tries to guide his son while guarding the secrets of their race, letting slip information that sends his son away from the palace… and his bride unprotected.

Dartein has been alive for centuries, but never felt truly alive until he met Josaleene. Defying all Noble customs, he took her as his chosen and bound the two together for eternity. But their happiness does not seem destined to last, as long-buried secrets surface and begin to tear them apart.

Upset that his father, the Patriarch, seems unwilling to help, Dartein is desperate to find the answer that will save their love. With the threat of enemies lurking nearby, he leaves his lady to seek out the one thing that could help them. The price of the answer is blood… but whose?


The Alpha's Bed
Michelle Fox

The Alpha's Bed: Huntsville Pack Series Free Werewolf Romance by [Fox, Michelle]Lia has lost her memory and her wolf while Ryder's just trying to keep his pack alpha from killing him. The even bigger problem? Somehow Lia's troubles are mixed up with his. He'd walk away if he could, but his wolf has claimed Lia as their mate.

For good or bad, their fates are one. This is the night they finally give into the attraction that has pulled them together and won't let go…but, as they soon learn, fate isn't done with them yet. Not even close.


Emma Edwards

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