Your Monday Reading List – 12/18/17

Your Monday Reading List – 12/18/17

Angel Hunter- Redemption Book 2
LaVerne Thompson

Angel Hunter- Redemption Book 2 by [Thompson, LaVerne]Heaven help us. They be angels. The soulless be banished angels.

Evangeline had a lot riding on her shoulders. She was a Chronicler of lives, charged with keeping track of the war between the hunters and soulless on earth. Even more than that, she would be the mother of the next generation of Chroniclers. But that meant she’d have seven births. Lord have mercy. Seven! What man wants that? He had to be a strong faithful man, one who’d believe in her, believe in her destiny and be able to help her nurture and protect their children. Help her protect the records in her care. She thought she’d found him once, but she’d been mistaken. A mistake that could cost them all their future.

Devlin was still pissed over Evangeline’s rejection. Pissed she thought his being a hunter meant they couldn’t be together. She couldn’t get past the fact he hunted and killed the bloodsucking soulless. So what if they were angels. They weren’t angels anymore, in fact, they’d been kicked out of heaven and now preyed on humans. The only good soulless was a dead one. Why could she not see that? He stayed away from her but continued to keep an eye on her. But the minute her life was threatened by one of those bloodsuckers nothing was keeping him from being by her side. Not even when he thought she’d been promised to another. Another who’d breed seven brats on her. To hell with that. He’d kill him first.

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A Vampire's Thirst: Grey
Bella Roccaforte

A Vampire's Thirst: Grey by [Roccaforte, Bella]Grey has always enjoyed the finer things in life. He maintains control over his darker, blood-thirsty side by being “human” as much as possible. He's immersed himself in the daily life of the living, as a history professor, and art historian. He has no patience for the seedier parts of humanity and revels in honor and propriety. That's what keeps his thirst at bay, along with the threat of The Directive.

He's been enjoying his mundane life, until he's contacted by an old friend who reminds him that he owes him a favor. A favor he must repay for a time when he exercised less discretion.

There's a Supernatural wreaking havoc in Atlanta and he has to stop them. That's when it strikes: The Thirst. Like a bolt of lightning crashing into him and rendering him powerless to resist the allure of his target. His control has deserted him and his power has increased beyond his comprehension. He'll defy anyone and everything, including The Directive to fulfill his desire for his Bloodmate.

Will anyone survive Grey's dark thirst?

Bella Roccaforte brings you book 2 in A K Michaels’ brand new world, A Vampire’s Thirst full of hot as hades alpha males in this smoking paranormal romance story.

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Bad Blood Leopard
Anastasia Wilde

Bad Blood Leopard (Bad Blood Shifters Book 3) by [Wilde, Anastasia]Sloan McCall is a dead shifter walking. A former Shifter Special Forces operative, he’s been in hiding since his last mission imploded, causing the death of his former love, Kayisha, and leaving his snow leopard irreparably broken. Now his past is hunting him down: the military, the Shifter Intelligence Agency, and Kayisha’s vengeful ghost—who’s trying her damnedest to kill him.

Caitlyn Anderson’s strange visions have cost her everything: the chance to become an intelligence agent, the respect of her snowy owl clan, and her pledged mate. But when she gets a vision of Sloan McCall’s coming death, she feels compelled to help him—even though she doesn’t know who he is or why he’s in danger.

When Caitlyn finally meets the sweet, wildly sexy shifter she’s trying to protect, sparks fly instantly. But her interference sets off a tangled web of lies, secrets, and betrayal—one that leads back to Sloan’s final mission and the memories he’s tried so hard to bury. Can Sloan find the courage to trust Caitlyn and the Bad Blood Crew with his deepest, most painful secrets—before the ghosts of his past destroy them all?


The Dragon In Between
Selene Griffin

Undercover agent meets Dragon Shifter. What could possibly go wrong?

Las Vegas.

The City of Lights was lively and held secrets that'll never see the light of day. But it hid a darker and sinister underbelly of drug crimes than anyone dared imagine.

A cartel that FBI Agent Erica Hawkins and her colleagues are determined to bring down.

When the chance arises for her to go undercover and dig up dirt on one of the biggest drug smuggling rings the Sin City has ever seen, she seizes it. Drugs, danger, high heels and short skirts were things that come with the territory, but she didn’t count on meeting Mateo, a sexy, amber-eyed wildcard with a dark and ancient secret.

He was a Dragon Shifter.

Caught in a whirlwind of danger, espionage, passion and dragons, Erica begins to lose sight of one of the most important aspects of her life. James. FBI Agent James Stroyer, the man she had been in a romantic relationship with for years. Will she survive the aftermath of her choices? Or will it bring her to ruin?

The Dragon In Between is a prequel of the paranormal romance, Dragon In My Heart standalone series which can be enjoyed in any order. If you’re a fan of fast-paced thrillers, exciting storylines and steamy love scenes, then you’ve got to read this by Selene Griffin!

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