Your Monday Reading List – 2/1/16


Bear My Perfect Gift
by Ariana Hawkes

It’s cold and wintry out there but when a sexy, protective bear and a sassy, curvy girl get together, there’s more than enough heat to spare!

Caleb Ridgeman has endured one too many lonely winters up on Stonybear Peak. As much as the thought of leaving his clan and beloved home behind breaks his heart, he knows deep down that he’s never going to find his mate there. One freezing-cold, snowy day after Christmas, he sets off on a cross-country trip to the shifter town of Green Fields, hoping to find his perfect match.

Paige Buchanan is driving back from visiting her folks for the holidays with her abusive werewolf boyfriend, Kurt. She’s just about at breaking point when they stop at a motel overnight, but a handsome stranger appears out of nowhere and offers her an opportunity to escape.

Both Caleb and Paige feel a powerful connection, but can she trust him enough to put her life in his hands, and will he be able to keep her and himself safe from the dangerous wolf?

Find out in this sizzling, tender and heart-rending story full of excitement, danger and passion!

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E.J. King

Dark & Broken Souls


Reg. Price: 2.99

Monsters lurk in the shadows. Evil comes out to play at night. Your worst nightmares are real. All of the ghost stories and supernatural tales you read to yourself as a child are true. You have every reason to be scared, you just don’t know it because you can’t see it. You don’t have the gift. I do.

Forces of darkness are at work, doing their very best to destroy all that is good in the world. I should know- they nearly destroyed me. My family was slaughtered, killed by the creatures we spent our lives hunting. I would have
been killed, too, if it wasn’t for a mysterious man that appeared out of nowhere and saved me, then vanished just as quickly.

I owe him my life. I also blame him for it.

It’s been two years since that night, but it feels like yesterday. I can still hear their screams and see the blood pooled beneath their bodies. And I can still see the piercing blue eyes of the man that saved me and feel his warm, strong arms wrapped around me as he carried me to safety.

I don’t expect to ever see him again. But then again, life has a way of surprising you, of kicking you in the ass right when you least expect it.

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The Virgin And Her Wolf

by Katalina Leon


Luck be a lady tonight. Claire Bannatyne is a lady, but sometimes the twenty-one-year old wolftress behaves like an indecisive virgin princess. Her father is the Grand Alpha of an ancient pack of wolf-shifters devoted to secrecy and tradition. Now her procrastination to choose a life-mate is going to cost her dearly. In twenty-four hours, she’ll be forced to enter into an arranged marriage, with a mate of her father’s choosing, and all the wrong men are vying for her hand. Desperate for a carefree last fling, she contacts Madame Eve and pleads for a 1Night Stand. She arrives in Las Vegas expecting a whirlwind night of hedonistic lust, but those plans implode big time.

Irish charmer, Aidan Gregor has flirtatious topaz eyes and loads of Alpha confidence. He’s a motorcycle-racing thrill seeker, used to taking risks.

An irresistible attraction ignites between Claire and Aidan after he slams into her while chasing a mugger. He apologizes by wining and dining her then visiting the Romulus BDSM Club.

Naughty, naughty, somebody’s hiding a secret and that secret has big teeth. On their way to getting undressed, Claire and Aidan discover they’re in a lot of trouble. Their lust is going to burn bright for far longer than one night. But with so much at stake, there’s only one-way for these two to find a happily ever after, and that’s going to mean putting it all on the line.

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Cats Got Your Tongue
by Anya Nowlan$0.99Kelis Murdoch has her life set out on a line. A warrior and a pilot, she knows her worth and this curvy woman can’t be thrown for a loop so easily. But when two scorching hot mountain lions enter her life, all bets are off. One hot night leads straight into hell and the gatekeeper seems to have big plans for her. So when the stolen fun after a hard mission she had no place being in turn into two bundles of joy, who might be more valuable than anything else on the planet, Kelis has some tough decisions to make. Give up on love and all she thought could be hers, or risk putting her new family in jeopardy?Grant and Grim are ex-Navy SEAL shifters, now working as part of an elite team that will stop at nothing to attain their goals. They’re the last men standing, the only remaining men in their squad who haven’t settled down yet. And they have no plans to do so. Bad to the bone, the mountain lion twins don’t think there’s a woman out there who could satisfy and tame them both. But it takes a set of gorgeous eyes, tough attitude and a body that won’t quit to make the twins change their mind. And when it turns out she’s been hiding something from them, the men know it’s now or never.

Save their woman and their heirs or regret it for the rest of their lives.

The Arctics, a nefarious group of shifter terrorists, are the key to their salvation and possible destruction. Will they fail or have Grant and Grim finally met the one woman who could make them work as a team?

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Roxie Noir

Running With Wolves


Greta Waltz owns Rustvale’s only wolf shifter bar, and she doesn’t take crap from anyone. When a couple of sexy newcomers shift and get into a fight with a regular inside the bar, Greta doesn’t even hesitate to scruff them and boot them into the street. Sure, she’d rather be touching them somewhere else, but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

Recovering nerd Elliott Whiting just moved back home, and brought his mate Shane along with him. Their very first day in town, Shane gets into a bar fight – and the most beautiful bartender he’s ever seen tosses him out of her bar. Ever since, neither of them can stop thinking about the curvy, fiery wolf. Could she be the only to finally complete their triad?

It doesn’t take long for Elliott’s past as a dorky, bullied kid to resurface, and when it does, Shane can barely control his temper. At the same time, Greta’s dad – the pack’s alpha – makes his expectations for her perfectly clear, and they don’t involve running a business or Greta staying independent.

Can Greta defy her pack’s expectations and find love on her terms? Or will the pack and the past get in the way of this fated menage?

Running With Wolves is a standalone novella, with a feisty, independent heroine, two shifters who’ll do anything for her, and a menage scene that will leave you gasping for more!

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Angels Of Death, Betrayal
by M L Guida

Scythe’s brother, Blade, is a renegade angel bent on exacting revenge. If Scythe doesn’t stop him from killing an innocent woman, Blade will become a demon and Scythe will be forced to kill his own brother. When Scythe tracks him to sexy psychic, Heather Bowen, worldly desires take him over and he realizes—she must be his angel-mate.
Heather has been dreaming of a red-eyed dealer peddling a psychotic drug to her clients. When her sister is accused of murdering an old woman and dies soon after, Heather is determined to find out what happened. The only way to clear her sister’s name is to trust an angel of death—the same angel who was there when her sister died—the same angel who did nothing to stop her sister killing herself.
Unable to stop the attraction drawing them together Heather and Scythe must forgive each other—and themselves—to save their siblings’ souls or Heather herself may face death by a demon.

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Emma Edwards

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