Your Monday Reading List – 7/30/18

Your Monday Reading List – 7/30/18

Ashes: A Fantasy Romance of the Crimson Court
Jessica Aspen

Ashes: A Fantasy Romance of the Crimson Court (Tales of the Crimson Court Book 1) by [Aspen, Jessica]An enslaved princess, a charming thief, and a power-hungry step-mother out for revenge…
ASHES: a twisted Cinderella tale of romance and magic

Princess Ellasin has been living a life of drudgery in her own castle working for her step-mother, the Crimson Queen. When sexy, devil-may-care Finn Aduain breaks in and invites her to take a walk on the wild side, instead of danger—Ella sees opportunity.
Disgraced prince turned charming thief— Finn has his own secrets. But when he meets the charmingly innocent ash-girl, he’s intrigued. Seducing Ella into leaving the life she’s always known becomes his new mission.
Desperate for power, the queen has decreed a ball for Ella’s step-sisters to find husbands and Ella decides—this is the perfect night to escape. With the assistance of Finn, the castle ghost, and her own surprisingly strong magic, Ella finally discovers freedom. But freedom comes at a price. Ella learns that her step-mother drained Ella’s father of his life and his magic—and now intends to drain her too. Ella vows to take back her throne and put an end to her step-mother, once and for all.

Dare to discover Jessica Aspen’s world of steamy, fantasy romance in her brand new twisted fairy tale series: Tales of the Crimson Court


Hidden Gifts
Christina Pope

Hidden Gifts (The Witches of Canyon Road Book 1) by [Pope, Christine]Twenty-one years ago, the Castillo witch clan helped the McAllister clan defeat a dark wizard. Now Miranda McAllister is to be Rafael Castillo’s bride — sight unseen.

Their first kiss awakens Miranda’s long-dormant magic, but a dark spell could destroy their clans’ alliance…and any chance for love.

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Daywalker’s Stone
Martha Woods

Paranormal Romance: Daywalker's Stone (Second Sight Book 1) by [Woods, Martha]You’ll instantly be mesmerized by this new and addictive paranormal romance series that will keep you turning pages all night long!

Alex is a hopeless romantic. It seems she is looking for love in all the wrong places.

Until a pack of ravenous vampires who are seeking to find the legendary power of a vampire who is able to walk around in broad daylight.

It almost seems as if fate crosses the paths of Dominic and Alex, as Dominic is drawn by Alex’s innocence, creative and rebellious young spirit. But when supernatural powers that are beyond their control start to unleash. They will have to fight of century old prophecies conjured up by a coven of ancient witches.

Will Alex regret searching for love?


Shadows and Stars
Eden Ashe

Shadows and Stars: A Limited Edition Collection of Sci-Fi Romance and Paranormal Romance Novels by [Fanning, Becca, Ashe, Eden, Love, Leilani, Winters, Eva, Farren, Cate, Greenwood, Laura, Tape, Arizona, Eden, Tigris, Fay, Kiersten, Faria, Cyndi, McGraw, Pepper, Sanders, Angela, Rawlings, Rachel, Banks, Catherine, Wynn, Gina, Lynn, Miranda]Destiny is fated unless you have the power to change it.

Cursed or gifted, these heroes will need much more than enchantments, wits, and skillful fighting to defeat their equally crafty villains.

Dive into this collection of action-packed stories where supernatural adventure meets conjuring danger. From fated mates to fated stars, the bonds that form are tested to their limits.

Discover magic, love, and passion, in the Shadows and Stars paranormal & sci-fi romance collection when you download today!

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