Your Monday Reading List – 8/6/18

Your Monday Reading List – 8/6/18

Grave Stones
Calinda B

Grave Stones (The Blood Stone Trilogy Book 1) by [B, Calinda]From New York Times bestselling author Calinda B, author of the #1 Most Wished For Horror Anthology, comes a modern day tale of an ancient Irish myth.
Revenge is a bloody business…
Lassi Finn is a thoroughly modern Dublin girl, with a goal of selling her late Aunt Roberta’s home and add the proceeds to her cottage-in-Barbados fund. The only flaw in her plan is the wee little inconvenience of three mutilated bodies turning up on three consecutive days, all before her first cup of tea.

The motives for the killings are a mystery, but their ferocity leaves no doubt as to the rage in the heart of the killer. Without even trying, and certainly unwillingly, Lassi finds herself not only in the middle of the investigation, but also with a big, blood-red target on her back.

Somewhere between trying to fend off the advances of a pub keeper who has hit his sell-by date, dodging a creepy detective who seems to know far too much about her, and avoiding an annoyingly helpful neighbor, Lassi must catch a cold-hearted, cold-blooded killer and resist the growing attraction between herself and a handsome young priest with a secret that could destroy them all.

Wolf's Secret
Julye Evans

Wolf's Secret: Nightfair Shifters by [Evans, Julye]They know who she is.
They know where she lives.
Only one man can help her.

As a member of a group of mercenary shifters, Mac is no stranger to risky situations. He just didn't expect to find himself in a hostage situation in the middle of his workday.

Danni is in serious trouble when Mac saves her and protects her from the gunmen who want to silence her. She is the only one who can identify them. His touch makes her blood run hot, but she's through with bossy men, no matter how attractive they are.

Unwilling to let Danni face the threat alone, Mac teams up with her to unravel the mystery of the gunmen, while fighting his growing desire for her. Getting involved with a fragile human woman is out of the question.

The clock is ticking and her life is in danger. She can't return to her home with the gunmen hunting her. But they don't know who they're dealing with. Mac's wolf will tear out the throat of anyone who threatens her.

Mac is a Nightfair mercenary, and Nightfair always takes care of business.

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Once Bitten
Trina M. Lee

Once Bitten (Alexa O'Brien Huntress Series Book 1) by [Lee, Trina M.]A hunter of supernatural rogues, Alexa is a werewolf with a rare power and an attraction to darkness.

If sinfully alluring vampire Arys is anything, it's darkness. Together they create something wild and unruly, a power that will change them both forever. A force that threatens her humanity and the love she possesses for someone else.

When Alexa's womanizing ex-lover and pack Alpha is framed for murder, he turns to her for help. She'd like nothing more than to watch karma at work but as the body count rises, long buried secrets are exposed. Alexa is forced to face the painful truth that not everyone is who she thinks they are.Not even her.


Supay: A Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance
L.A. Boruff

Supay: A Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance (The Unseen Book 1) by [Boruff, L.A.]Five years of nothingness.

Riley lived with pain and loss every second of every day. Her husband and child disappeared without a trace. They were gone and they were never coming back. Only emptiness resides within her now.

A mysterious man shows up at her door offering her answers she never thought she’d get. He gives her peace after all this time. Until it all turns deadly.

Dark secrets come to light. Chaos overtakes her life. Danger like she never imagined is now her reality.

She’ll find the strength within her to survive. She’ll find allies in men she never expected.

The truth will set her free … or destroy her entirely.


Emma Edwards

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