Your Monday Reading List – 8/15/16

The Mageri Series Boxed Set (Books 1-3)

by Dannika Dark


Reg. Price: 6.99

USA TODAY BESTSELLING SERIES – Three full-length novels

A young woman narrowly escapes death and is given the gift of immortality by a Mage. In order to survive, she must learn to trust the new men in her life who are friends, protectors, and companions. But only one will be her lover. Dark, unique, and full of unpredictable twists, the Mageri series reveals a secret world of immortals who live and love on an epic scale. Sometimes ordinary people are destined to lead extraordinary lives.



 Rosecliff Manor Haunting

by Cheryl Bradshaw


Rosecliff Manor Haunting (Addison Lockhart Book 2) by [Bradshaw, Cheryl]Reg. Price: 4.99

Psychic medium Addison Lockhart jolts awake, her brow sweaty, head throbbing. The dream had seemed so real. The twins, eleven-year-old Vivian and Grace, were so full of life she wanted to reach out, touch them. But she couldn’t. The girls had been dead for forty years. Why then had they appeared to her, summoning her help? Were their untimely deaths really an accident, or was something far more sinister to blame?



Venturi- Part One, Crashlander

by Annie Nicholas


Venturi Part One: Alien Romance (Crashlander) by [Nicholas, Annie]Reg. Price: 1.99

I grew up in space.
Never been on a planet, let alone an alien one.
We crashed—I crashed—our ship on a huge green world.
Communications were down, the ship was broken in two, the crew mostly injured, and there were things out there. Animals with razor sharp teeth.
The emergency beacon lay on the other side of the jungle, our only way to call home, and I drew the short straw.
I was doomed before I ever stepped out of the airlock.
But we weren't alone…

Part one of a serial about a human traveler, her alien mate (not that she knows that yet), and an adventure through which he's determined to keep her alive, and safe, and entirely his.
Warning: hot aliens, short serial, cliffhanger.
Full serial in one boxset will be available in October.


Onyx Dragon

by Terry Bolryder


Onyx Dragon (Awakened Dragons Book 1) by [Bolryder, Terry]The dragons are back, and they're our last chance…

Isaac Morningstar III, or Zach to the few who know him, has hit rock bottom. Once an immortal, nearly-invincible dragon, he's been awakened only to have his powers and his treasure locked away until he can prove himself to be a trustworthy protector of humans. Since Zach has never liked humans, he's pretty sure he's going to end up back on ice. That is, until he meets sweet, curvy Erin, a human hairdresser who might just turn his world upside down.

Erin has a pretty routine life, but that ends when a tall, gorgeous man appears out of nowhere, claiming to be an ancient dragon with immeasurable power who wants her as his mate. She doesn't know whether to laugh or run for the hills. But when the mysterious stranger saves her life and needs her help she can't just turn away. Still, the closer she gets to Zach, the more she realizes there may just be something truly magical about him.

But as the forces around them close in, Zach is quickly realizing that the darkness lurking inside him may be greater than he anticipated. And the beast within may not be the only thing they have need to fear.


Take Me

by T. A. Grey


Dominic Blackmoore is a man readers love to hate. Stubborn and cruel at times, this vampire is on the verge of growing his political empire and in the midst of it all he falls hard in love for a woman he can't possibly have.

The woman he’s mistaken as his bruid is none other than his event planner, Felicity Shaw. Dominic will do everything it takes, even lie to the woman he craves, to keep her at his side. In the end he must choose, but is it too late to save his lies from hurting Felicity?



Shattered Promises

by Jessica Sorensen


Shattered Promises by [Sorensen, Jessica]For twenty-one year-old Gemma, life has never been normal. She knows nothing about her past and has been haunted by the same monsters in her nightmares for the last few months. Unemotional and numb to life, she feels disconnected from everyone. Until the very first day she cries. After that, nothing in her life is the same.

Her emotions slowly surface and she starts experiencing love, happiness, and anger, feelings she never knew existed. But they leave her confused and she doesn’t know whether to embrace them or run away from them.

Her life only gets more complicated when she meets Alex. Sexy, arrogant, and secretive, Alex can get under Gemma’s skin like no one can. Yet she’s drawn to him by an invisible connection she has no control over. She’s also seen him before. In her nightmares.

Every part of Gemma’s mind is screaming at her to stay away from Alex, but every other part of her is begging to get close to him. But the closer she gets, the more she realizes Alex knows more about her than he originally let on.

As secrets about her past unravel, Gemma’s life becomes threatened. She needs to figure out what’s going on, before she winds up dead. But the only person she can turn to for answers is the one person she isn’t sure she can trust.



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