Your Monday Reading List – 9/26/16

Chasing Rabbits 

by A K Michaels


Chasing Rabbits (The Underground Book 1) by [Bedford, Erin]Reg. Price: 2.99

Alice was wrong – Wonderland wasn’t so wonderful after all.

Kat never expected to be back in her hometown, but when house sitting turns into a mad rabbit chase, Kat finds herself with a whole new set of problems.

A two-headed bird with a Game of Thrones obsession, a party full of tea addicts, and a Cheshire Cat who could seduce the pants off her grandma? And if the citizens weren’t bad enough their prince was off his rocker.

This wasn’t your run of the mill Wonderland. This was the Fae world, where rules are rules, and some things are exactly as they seem.


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Petrified City

by S. C. Green and Lindsey R. Loucks


Petrified City (Chronicles of the Wraith Book 1) by [Green, S.C., Loucks, Lindsey R.]Reg Price $2.99

Welcome to Petrified City, where the dead don’t stay in the ground.

Ten years ago, an accident at the city chemical plant leaked toxins into the soil of the historic Brookwood Hill Cemetery. From the poisoned ground emerged the wraith – ghosts of the long dead who gorge on the energy sucked from the city’s dwindling population. Desperate to contain the threat, the government enclosed the city in a giant dome, trapping the wraith and the residents inside.

Now, there’s almost nothing left.

Sydney Cale – a thief with a strange and secret power – attempts to escape from the city’s jailers, only to find herself facing off against the wraith. She teams up with Alain, a raven shapeshifter who is a member of the Order of the Reapers, a powerful force who work to banish the wraith back to the underworld. Alain agrees to protect Sydney and her friend Diana in exchange for her help. She must enter the Citadel – the wraith compound in the center of the city – and steal back his kidnapped daughter.

But what Sydney finds inside the Citadel will change everything. The wraith are evolving, drawing energy from the decaying city itself. Soon, they will be powerful enough to break free of the dome. Sydney and Alain must stop the wraith before they escape and infect the world, even if that means dooming themselves, and everyone they love, to petrifying inside the dying city.


Sleeping Dragons Omnibus

by Ophelia Bell


Sleeping Dragons Omnibus by [Bell, Ophelia]Reg. Price: 5.99

Erika’s spent her entire post-graduate career searching for it. The elusive dragon stronghold her archaeologist professors scoffed at as being only a myth. Now she has the perfect team and has led them into the deepest reaches of the Sumatran jungle. At the edge of the discovery of the century, she’s finally about to prove to everyone how wrong they were.

But when the seven intrepid explorers pass through the doors, they’re barely prepared for the conflict of lust versus logic they’re faced with on the inside. Ages-old magic lingers in the stronghold, dictating that they perform a ritual to awaken the long-slumbering beasts within. And beasts that beautiful only awaken to one thing: the unbridled release of humans in the throes of ecstasy.


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Impaling my Heart, Vlad's Story

by Annie Buff


Impaling my Heart: Vlads story (Annalese and the Immortals Book 2) by [Buff, Annie]The dark prince of the Vampires and he's been brought to his knees by his love for a woman he can never completely have, or so it may seem. Embark on this journey with him as he falls so he may rise again as the impaler he was born to be.






Three Times the Trouble

by Olivia Hardin


Three Times the Trouble: The Lynlee Lincoln Starters by [Hardin, Olivia]She's a WITCH. Her bff is a WEREVAMP. The man of her dreams is a HUMAN. It's all a recipe for TROUBLE!

Start the Lynlee Lincoln Series with the first three stories all in one set.

THE TROUBLE WITH HOLIDAYS (The Lynlee Lincoln Series Prequel)
Falling for a human who doesn't believe in magic was the last thing Lynlee Lincoln needed. Beck Hale was a young architect and she was a Neutralizer-in-training–they were drawn together, but worlds apart. When Beck's apartment gets flooded, she invites him to her home for Christmas. Lynlee tries to ignore the pull of the mistletoe, but after all, 'tis the season

TROLLING FOR TROUBLE (The Lynlee Lincoln Series Book One)
Magical and undead creatures can get into plenty of sticky situations. Lynlee Lincoln loves her job as a neutralizer, but she needs a break from the supernatural chaos after an ultra-busy Halloween night. Coming home, she's ready to collapse into her bed and forget the day… until she discovers two children scavenging through her refrigerator. One look at the pair and she feels a tug on her heartstrings, then she learns their father is the man she spent years trying to forget. When Beck pleads with her to help save his daughter, Lynlee gets thrust into a heap of trouble.

THE WEREVAMP DIARIES: MOON DUST (A Lynlee Lincoln Series Short)
I might not be a Neutralizer like my friend Lynlee, but that doesn't mean I get to take it easy for Halloween. When Magical And Undead Creatures cross paths with humans, sometimes they get hurt. That's when this doctor to the paranormal world steps into action. What I never expected was to get an urgent call from my secret crush. Risking my life to grant him a favor might not be the smartest decision I've ever made, but sometimes love means taking chances.



Lost Highlander

by Cassidy Cayman 


Lost Highlander by [Cayman, Cassidy]Grad student and cocktail waitress Evelyn Merkholtz has plenty to deal with. Too much to deal with. So, when her runaway best friend calls with a mysterious and urgent request to join her in Scotland, she is secretly more than happy to drop everything and oblige.

She's faced with an ancient curse, an adorably hunky villager, and a super hot (but possibly murderous), Highland warrior from the 18th century – and realizes that getting burned at the stake is a really bad way to get out of writing her thesis.



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