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J C Diem

Death Beckons – FREE

Working late one night, Natalie Pierce is kidnapped by a creature that looks like a harmless old man, but is something far more terrifying. Her life is forever altered when she is transformed into a monster of myth and legend; a vampire.

Lonely and full of despair, she comes face to face with the irresistible and enigmatic Lord Lucentio. Justice bringer for the European Vampire Council, Luc has been sent to Australia to kill a rogue vamp, but instead finds Natalie. He quickly discovers that Nat is far from an ordinary fledgling. He suspects that she is Mortis, a figure of both hope and dread among their kind.

Natalie is propelled into a dark and mysterious underworld that takes her far away from her hometown of Brisbane. Vamps are in mortal danger and it is her job to save them. An unknown enemy has begun to whittle down their already limited numbers. If Nat fails to accept her destiny, all vampires will soon cease to exist.

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Death Embraces – $0.99

Natalie Pierce awakens to find herself buried in a box that strongly resembles a coffin. After some initial confusion she remembers that she has become a member of a very exclusive club; the living dead.
Natalie has three important tasks ahead of her. One: escape from her underground prison. Two: hunt down the creature responsible for imprisoning her. Three: discover who or what is behind the cause of the sentient shadows that only she can see.

According to an ancient prophecy, it is her destiny to wipe out the vast bulk of her own kind. Despite all of the weird and wacky powers that Nat has gained, it seems that not even Mortis can avoid her fate.

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Death Deceives – $0.99

From the moment she'd been turned into Mortis, Natalie Pierce has been fated to come face to face with the first vampire ever created. Hideously transformed over thousands of years by the diseased blood that runs through his veins, the First had created an army of grey skinned imps and intends to use them to enslave humanity.

Nat and her friends are all that stands between the humans and the bat faced, orange eyed imps. Aside from the overwhelming odds against them, Natalie foresees an even bigger danger. As vampires, they are highly susceptible to becoming possessed by their shadows. With one word from the First, they could be transformed into the very monsters that they are hunting.

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What Readers Are Saying:

‘Suddenly find yourself a vampire? Especially one without a clue how to proceed? And then you learn you're born to kill off most of the vampire population? This is the instruction manual you need. Good news, it is also a very good and fun read.'

‘Beginning to end, this book enraptured me. I couldn't have put it down if I wanted to…I had to know what was happening next. This is a fast-paced action, twists and turns, vampire adventure.'

‘Holy smokes, this series is amazing! I got sucked in so fast that my head spun!'

‘Incredible series. Simply brilliant plot twists that work so well. I look forward to more from J.C.'

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