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Top 10 Vampire Romance Series Pick By ILVN Readers!

Victoria Knight

Monsters Within – $0.99

Red Creek, Massachusetts is a quiet town. Nothing ever happens, and nothing ever changes – a feature Saul Benton, local recluse and member of the Benton Vampire Clan, appreciates deeply.

Unfortunately for Saul, his peaceful existence is soon to be mercilessly destroyed. Evil is closing in on the Benton family and Red Creek, seeking to obliterate all Saul holds dear. Which makes Saul's attraction to Nikki Galimore, a mortal woman and brat extraordinaire, all the more inconvenient.

Too bad his heart did not seem to have received the memo.

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Darkness Rising – $2.99

The evil which haunts Red Creek is unmasked, and Nikki Galimore's life changes forever. Nikki tries to reconcile her newfound power with her growing feelings for Saul. On his end, Saul attempts to fit the pieces of the plan Leibald, a vampire out for his blood, has set into motion. As danger closes in, Saul, Nikki, and their friends find themselves fighting for the life of every single person in Red Creek.

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Gathering Shadows – $2.99

Leibald Greely and his clan of vicious vampires is dead, and Red Creek is slowly getting back to normal. Saul Benton, now working for The Guard, is attempting to enjoy the relative peace of his new life with Nikki – a woman that is slowly becoming the center of his world.

However, trouble is never far in Red Creek – and what is coming for Saul and his family is much worse than anything they could have imagined.

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The Marked Ones – $2.99

Gestalt's army has arisen, and horror stalks the streets of Red Creek. However, the conspiracy which has hatched Gestalt's plans runs much deeper than anyone could suspect. Betrayal and danger wait at every turn, and the future of Red Creek seems bleak indeed.

A war is rising on the horizon and Saul, Nikki, and Kara seem to be the only people able to stop it.

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About The Author

Author and Chicago resident Victoria Knight is a voracious reader now totally addicted to the dark, sexy call of the paranormal. She is the author of many bestselling shorts, the steamy vampire romance novels DarkFire, Gaia Rising as well as the brand new “Veiled” series.

Victoria has been writing all her life but only recently discovered her love for paranormal romance after being introduced to the Black Dagger Brotherhood and the Underworld movies by her husband. After that she decided to drop everything and create stories hot enough and action packed to satisfy her own dark hunger…

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