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V M Black

Vampire's Choice Series

Blood Lust – $0.99

A Dark Vampire. A Desperate Gamble.

Centuries of isolation and self-denial have left Dorian Thorne a half-living shadow. He can’t survive without living blood. Yet all those who have given to him in the past three centuries have died from his kiss.

Cora Shaw seems different. Another human, yes, like all the others. But she awakens sensations in him that he had given up for lost. And he almost dares to hope that she might be the one he has been waiting for all this time.
Without his blood-kiss, she will be dead in a matter of months from her terminal disease. With it, she will die instantly…unless she bonds with him as his consort, making him whole again.

Bonding is something he can’t control, but it’s the only thing that will save them both now. Cora can’t refuse him. And if she’s doomed, Dorian can’t save her.
It’s the ultimate gamble, and the stakes are forever.

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Cold Blood – $2.99

Dorian Thorne’s thousand-year wait is over. The ageless billionaire vampire has finally found his consort in the form of a dying young woman named Cora Shaw. His blood kiss heals Cora’s broken body and unites them in an eternal bond. With her, Dorian is finally complete. But far from enjoying a blissful union, he discovers that the demons inside himself are not as easily laid to rest as he had believed, and his enemies have deadly plans for his consort.

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Blood Gift – $2.99

The billionaire vampire Dorian Thorne has searched the world to find Cora Shaw, a once-human woman with whom he has formed an eternal bond. But his triumph is shattered when Cora is attacked, sending her running from their sworn enemies. Dorian is determined to rescue her before she can come to harm—and wreak his vengeance upon those who have tried to destroy them both.

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Blood Games – $2.99

Vampires Play for Keeps

After centuries of waiting, Dorian Thorne’s day of victory has finally come. The billionaire vampire has found his eternal bond mate in the college student Cora Shaw—and rescued her from the clutches of his enemies.

Now with her presentation to vampire society, Cora will become untouchable, and the rise of Dorian and his allies will not be stopped.

But his enemies are hatching plots of their own, and Dorian and Cora are at the very center of their twisted and deadly plans….

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What Readers Are Saying:

Brilliant! Deliciously dark, seriously sexy, completely captivating, thoroughly compelling and definitely entertaining! I was totally spell bound from beginning to end. Hands down, one of the best vampire romances I have ever read and I've read too many to even count!”

“This book is SO fantastic! Dorian Thorne is so very “swoon-worthy”, but this is so much more than your typical billionaire vampire romance. This author excels at transporting you through her imagination into a world that you never want to leave!”

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