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Sapient Salvation 1: The Selection


SS1 The SelectionIn a terrible twist of fate, Maya is forced into a deadly competition for a spot in Lord Toric's harem. She’s fighting for her life, and she’s unexpectedly falling in love with the powerful overlord. Will she survive the first round of the competition, or will she pay the ultimate price for her inexperience?

“Spicy originality and one freaking awesome book!” “Absolutely addictive, I can't wait to see how it all plays out!”


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Sapient Salvation 2: The Awakening


SS2 The AwakeningMaya survived the first Tournament challenge only to learn that new and powerful enemies lurk in the Calistan palace. Even Lord Toric’s affection and guards aren’t enough to keep her safe, and she's still on her own in the Tournament–the alien lord is forbidden from interfering. As the list of deadly foes grows, Toric and Maya must uncover the traitor in the royal family who aims to murder Maya and destroy the Calistans' chance at reclaiming their homeland. Will Maya summon the strength and luck she needs to meet her highest destiny?



Sapient Salvation 3: The Divining


SS3 The DiviningIn the most controversial challenge ever, each Obligate will spend a night with Lord Toric. Maya must find a way to prevail in spite of her inexperience and without compromising her innocence. Meanwhile, Akantha is spreading information that's stirring up religious fury throughout Calisto. Someone will have to pay with blood, and it will take a miracle for Maya to survive. Does she have enough allies on Calisto, or will Akantha finally win?




Sapient Salvation 4: The Claiming


SS4 The ClaimingReleases July 18!











Author Bio: Hi there! I'm Jayne Faith, author of the Sapient Salvation Series. When I'm not tapping away at my keyboard while swilling coffee and tea, I'm playing with my dog; eating, flipping through recipes online, fantasizing about food, dreaming up my next meal (you get the idea); doing yoga or Pilates; or watching TV (soooo many good shows!).

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