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Secure Desire: A Chase Group Story

Lieutenant Commander and Navy SEAL Ian Chase has returned home from Afghanistan to take command of the Chase Group, a billion-dollar venture and private security firm he owns with his brother. Disillusioned from the war, he never expects to meet an angel like Dr. Cassiopeia Ellis when he attends a fundraiser at her art gallery. He's enraptured by the witty and carefree art historian heading the event tour. Although there's an engagement ring on her finger, she's just as taken with him after he saves her from a disgruntled attendee. Little did she know, that was only the beginning of a night that would forever haunt her.

Six years later, Cassie has changed her name and her occupation. Now and agent with the FBI, Cassie will be forced to undergo the most difficult undercover op of her life. The dead persona of Dr. Cassiopeia Ellis must resurface. However, that's not the only ghost from her past she will be required to face.

Ian Chase doesn't know why the beautiful art historian has changed her name, but he knows he's been given a second shot at true happiness. The scars on Cassie's body are a road map of her traumas, both remembered and forgotten, and they keep causing her to pull away. Ian Chase will stop at nothing to bring this woman back to life and claim her.

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Blood Obsession

Stunning Roberta (Bobbi) Wallace lives a life of privilege amidst New York City's high society. After losing her NYPD fiancé, she is emotionally put in her place by his partner.
Attempting to straddle both worlds, Bobbi joins the force and is quickly promoted to detective, drawing her into immediate conflict with her new partner, Rose Jennings, and igniting an attraction with the older, seasoned detective, Max Buckley.

Still unsure of her true place in the world she lives in when an old boyfriend returns just as an obsessed serial killer targets her, with the crazed notion that her death at his hands will make him all powerful.

Fighting her insecurities interferes with the investigation as she desperately tries to uncover the identity of the killer, while falling in love with Max at the same time.
Can she survive the pressure, personally and professionally? And is Max strong enough to save her from herself and the obsession that now threatens to destroy them both?

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About the Author: My story has taken me many places. Wife, Mother of Four, Wife of 911 Responder, Advanced Life Support First Responder, caretaker of elderly parents, Mom of a childhood cancer survivor, and in my personal journey, Lupus Warrior to Author. In 2010, I collapsed at work and the odyssey began. By 2012 I had two strokes losing some mobility, my ability to drive and what I think was the hardest blow–I lost my ability to comprehend the written work. The doctors told us to make final arrangements–numbers 3-6 months were bantered about. My wonderful occupational therapist through tears brought voice recognition software into my life. Blessedly, my mouth still worked. A personal diary was my first foray. And then when I couldn't deal with another episode of_______. You fill in the blank. I started to tell a story. Secure Desire-A Chase Group Story is a result of those efforts. Secure Again is the next entry in the series. And if you and my doctors have figured out–you can exist past your expiration date.

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