Reader recommendation – Lynsay Sands the Argeneau Vampires Series

Here's a vampire series recommendation for you from ILVN Facebook page fan Theresa Durst.  Theresa recommends the Argeneau Vampire Series by Lynsay Sands.  Here is what Theresa says about the series….

“Lynsay Sands wrote the Argeneau series.  These series are about a family who goes about their everyday lives but desended from the Alantians. Yes the lost city Alantis. Anyhow, there is always trouble a foot but in each book one of the Aregenue's always find their life mate. The Aregenue's have to explain how they became what they are. It's interesting how she wrote them becoming vampires. It all started in Alantis to where they made these mirco nanos to repair wounds and deseases. Once inserted into the blood stream they use blood to work and repair any damage. So later the people adapted fangs to drink blood to replenish the blood used to repair. They have council now to where they can keep their secret and get their blood from the blood banks. Which one of the Argeneau's owns to my understanding. They can read mind, control the mortals, eat food but after a while they get bored with it and stop eating all together. They can also go out into the sun. However they have to drink blood to replenish from going out. The only way to kill them is by beheading them. A stake to the heart really doesn't work. Once it's pulled out the wound starts to heal itself. They really are good books there's 22 books in the series so far. and the first one is “Quick Bite” however in all the books they explain how they became what they are.”

Books in the series:

Book one: A Quick Bite
Book two: Love Bites
Book three: Single White Vampire
Book four: Tall, Dark and Hungry
Book five: A Bite to Remember
Book six: Bite Me If You Can
Book seven: The Accidental Vampire
Book eight: Vampires Are Forever
Book nine: Vampire Interrupted
Book ten: The Rogue Hunter
Book Eleven: The Immortal Hunter
Book Twelve: The Renegade Hunter
Book Thirteen: Born to Bite
Book Fourteen: Hungry For You
Book Fifteen: The Reluctant Vampire
Book Sixteen: Under a Vampire Moon
Book Seventeen: The Lady is a Vamp
Book eighteen: Immortal Ever After – release date February 2013

Let us know what you think….have you read this series?  Going to give it a try?

And thanks to Theresa for sharing!

Emma Edwards

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