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Win A $10 Amazon Gift Card + A Signed Copy Of THE IMPASSIONED CHOICE by Rebecca Hefner!

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(Etherya's Earth Book 5)
by Rebecca Hefner

A new villain emerges, threatening the peace the immortals crave…

Heden, the youngest Vampyre royal, has always strived to live up to his sovereign duty.  As the most gifted programmer in the immortal world, he applies his skills to protect the kingdom and the family he adores. But his siblings have all settled down with families of their own, and Heden often feels like a perpetual third wheel.

Wracked with guilt after her grandfather’s violent death, Sofia Morelli made a sinister pact with an unknown ally. Utilizing her tech ingenuity to plan the ultimate attack against the immortal royals, she begins to realize they might not be the nefarious enemies she believed them to be.

As Heden discovers the new adversaries and learns someone on the Secret Society shares his hacking prowess, he realizes the human, Sofia, might actually hold the key to defeating them. Determined to turn the feisty woman to his side, he employs his jovial nature and seduction skills to win her over. But when their tentative connection turns into something more, Heden understands a coding war isn’t the only thing he could lose to the spunky human. For, he might just lose his heart to someone who can never share his immortal future…

**The Etherya's Earth series is best read in order so the reader can enjoy the evolution of the characters. After all, the author loves a good twist and wants the reader to uncover them organically. However, readers of romance rest assured that each book has its own featured hero/heroine and HEA.

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Meet Author Rebecca Hefner

Rebecca Hefner grew up in Western NC and now calls the Hudson River of NYC home. In her youth, she would sneak into her mother's bedroom and raid the bookshelf, falling in love with the stories of Nora Roberts, Sandra Brown and other authors of that era. Years later, that love of a good romance, with lots of great characters and conflicts, has extended to her other favorite authors such as JR Ward and Lisa Kleypas. Also a huge Game of Thrones and Star Wars fan, she loves an epic fantasy and a surprise twist (Luke, he IS your father).

Rebecca published her first book in November of 2018. Before that, she had an extensive twelve-year medical device sales career, where she fought to shatter the glass ceiling in a Corporate America world dominated by men. After saving up for years, she left her established career to follow the long, winding and scary path of becoming a full-time author.

Interview with Rebecca Hefner:

Q: Hi Rebecca! Tell us about your publishing journey. Did you always want to be an author?

RH:  I’ve always been a voracious reader and discovered Dark Lover by JR Ward over a decade ago. After that, I was hooked on paranormal romance! I never thought I’d become an author and for over twelve years I had a thriving career in medical device sales. During that time, the characters
that inhabit Etherya’s Earth began to appear in my head and I began writing their stories, never intending to publish them. They were really just a fun outlet for me. Eventually, I realized that Corporate America wasn’t fulfilling my soul and self-publishing was becoming more prominent,
so I made the decision to save up all my money and become a full-time author. Once I left my job, I found a great editor and took a lot of writing courses to improve my skills. I created my own publishing imprint and in November of 2018, I published The End of Hatred. Since then, I’ve
published ten books and have never looked back. Being an indie author requires extreme hard work and dedication but it is also very worth it.

Q: For those who are new to your books, what is the story about?

RH:  It’s about a Metallica-loving Slayer princess and a sexy, stoic Vampyre king. Their people have been at war for a thousand years and they detest each other. But a new enemy has emerged, threatening both of their species, and they realize the best way to beat him is to combine their
armies. Book One is a steamy enemies-to-lovers saga. We meet many of the featured characters in future books in Book One and these characters go on to have their own love stories in subsequent books.

Q: Tell us about your heroine. What inspired her quirks and struggles?

RH:  Miranda is the heir to her kingdom but was deemed too young to ascend to the throne when her grandfather and mother were killed. She finally begins to realize, centuries later, that she is still being denied her throne due to the blatant sexism embedded in her people’s heritage. Book One is really about Miranda growing into her confidence and the knowledge that she is the rightful queen and must assume her throne. Sathan believes in her from the start, even though they are enemies, and his confidence in her is moving. I grew up in the eighties in Western North
Carolina, where women were taught they had very specific roles in life, so I think I wrote a bit of that into Miranda’s character. Watching her shed those beliefs and grow into the person she becomes is fascinating and very inspiring.

Q: Tell us about your hero. What motivates him?

RH:  Sathan, King of the Vampyres, is motivated by a deep loyalty to protect his people at all costs. Since Vampyres are dependent on Slayers’ blood, he has to hunt them, and lives with that terrible choice. He sees his alliance with Miranda as a way to forge a tentative peace and works tirelessly to repair the rift between the species. When they first meet, he’s betrothed to
another, whom he cares for but doesn’t love, and he is blindsided by his attraction to Miranda. As their connection grows, he is quite wary of it since he’s convinced himself he doesn’t believe in romantic love. His slide into love with Miranda was such a beautiful thing to write.

Q: Where can our readers find you? (Social media, website, etc.)

RH:  Readers can find me at


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