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Win A $25 Amazon Gift Card & Signed Paperback Copy Of Redemption of a Wrangled Spirit by Liddie Cain!

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Redemption of a Wrangled Spirit
(Shifters and Six-Shooters Book 1)
by Liddie Cain

The morning the bounty hunters walked into our camp was the beginning of my redemption.

My life had been isolated. Dad had kept me hidden and used his fists to make sure I stayed there. When a bounty on his head puts us on the run, luck will bring a few shifters to my side.

Shifters like me. They will show me what it means to be a part of a pack and a real family. Love will take me by surprise and give me strength I wasn’t aware I was capable of.

But Dad was never acting alone. Someone is paying him to keep me away from my mother’s world and they aren’t going to give me freedom easily.

Can I call on my own power and the new love in my life to keep out of the grasp of those who have conspired against me? Will the secrets of my mother’s past keep haunting me?

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Excerpt from Redemption of a Wrangled Spirit:

The night was cool as hot rage crept across the face I was fighting so hard to keep blank. A blanket of stars and a crescent moon bore silent witness to the hand that connected with the back of my head and sent me sprawling to eat dirt again. I stayed prone, trying to blink through the stars that had fallen from the sky and into my vision from the impact. A ringing in my ears kept his words muffled. But that didn't matter. He always said the same things. Some fathers can get repetitive that way.

“Stupid. Just like your mother was.” His slurred words were acknowledged in my dazed head. He spit, a long dark blob of tobacco juice hitting the ground inches away from my face. In the distance, a wolf howled into the tragic night.

“Get up!” he yelled, kicking me in the hip and making me grunt from the pain. “Stupid girl, that bounty hunter gang is on our tail. Now get the horses back up here like I told you in the first place!”

I dragged in a deep breath and tentatively pulled myself up onto my knees. My body tensed, waiting for another blow since I wasn't moving quickly enough. But Harold Bowers, my father, had turned away from me. He was loudly rummaging through a crate of whiskey bottles in the back of our open wagon.

I stood upright and brushed the dirt off of the soft lavender fabric of my skirts that was likely stained beyond repair after tonight. Sometimes, I could go months avoiding any kind of confrontation with Dad, but since he had learned of the price on his head this evening, he had started drinking to hide that he was scared. Things got much worse when he was drunk. I could slip away and stay out of sight at home when he got into the whiskey. Out here on the move, trying to dodge the bounty hunter gang, there was no place to go to avoid his drunken ire.

The horses had strolled out along the bank of the creek, grazing on the newly sprouted grass that had sprouted after the water level had gone down for a few days without rain. Trees lined the higher bank and were easily seen across the open grasslands that surrounded us. It made it easy to find this water source. I clicked my tongue several times and watched them flip their ears in my direction. The gelding, Gent, munched faster, ignoring my request to return and making himself look busy. I rolled my eyes and walked toward them. The mare, Wren, lifted her head and walked in my direction. I met her, trailing my hands down across the side of her neck then patting her firmly on her chest. “Go hitch up,” I said.

She blew out a low breath that ended on a soft nicker. I rubbed the side of Wren's neck again. “Go on, girl.” She picked up her head and headed back up the bank to where the wagon was. Then I turned to the trouble maker. Gent had already lifted his head, still chewing, to watch me walk up. I put my hands on my hips and gave him a stern look. “Get on up there and get hitched up, sir.”

He tossed his head defiantly, but strolled in my direction and nudged me with his big head once he got to my side. “Okay, okay,” I whispered, giving him the scratches he was begging for. That low nicker he gave me made me grin down at his face. Movement behind him drew my gaze back upward, and that smile deepened. It was an ethereal shimmer in the moonlight, one that if my father was standing beside me, he would not see. The spirit horse lifted her head and walked toward me, happy to see me as she always was. Sparrow, the mother of Wren that had died giving birth to her, often made her presence known when I was in trouble.

I lifted my hand and grazed my fingertips against the wispy, fluid coolness of her face. It was never quite solid for me to touch her like this. My human skin never found purchase against her spirit body. But I harbored a secret. I could slip my human skin and join her in the spirit plane. It was a gift that was passed to me by my mother. She had communed with ghosts just as I could.



Meet Author Liddie Cain

I'm Liddie! Paranormal romance has always been my favorite genre and writing books in it is a dream come true. I have a three-year-old daughter who puts a lot of effort into delaying the release dates on these books, but she's pretty cute about it. Since I was born and raised in Alabama, I definitely speak with a southern accent, make buttermilk biscuits from scratch, and have 3 monogrammed items within my line of sight as I sit at my desk right now. I'm also a little geeky. Aragorn is my movie boyfriend, I am frequently re-watching Star Trek TNG or Voyager, I'm obsessed with Molly Weasley, and I can really get into historical documentaries.

Interview with Liddie Cain:

Q: Hi Liddie! Can you begin by telling us a little more about yourself?

LC:  Hello! I’m Liddie Cain. I live in Alabama with my partners, my hubby and my boyfriend, and my 3 year old daughter. I am such a paranormal romance junkie and I don’t see myself straying very far away from writing paranormal or fantasy romance.

Q: Tell us about your publishing journey. Did you always want to be an author?

LC:  Yes, but I took the long way around to it. I spent a decade working as a nurse until my daughter was born. After she was old enough that I began to consider going back to work, I realized that while nursing was very important, it wasn’t fulfilling for me. I had spent years writing for my own pleasure or doing writing prompts in writing groups for fun and I knew it was what I wanted my career to be.

Q: What’s your favorite type of paranormal creature and why?

LC:  All things in the realm of Fairy. The Tuatha de Danann and the entire Irish pantheon fascinate me. There was so much regional influence on these mythologies, which made it so folksy. You really feel as if you are sitting beside a peat fire in a pub listening to your gran pass the stories down to you. I haven’t delved into my take on it extensively yet, only tested the waters in my first series. I know when I start it will consume me and I’ll end up with a dozen books in a series.

Q: Is any part of your story or the characters based on personal experience?

LC:  In Redemption of a Wrangled Spirit, most of the inspiration comes from a friend who was having a difficult time with his mental health. It mattered so much to me. His home life had been difficult when he was a minor and one of the consequences of that was not knowing his own inner strength. That inner strength was obvious to me, but he couldn’t see it. My main character’s experiences are different than his, but I wanted to put that struggle into her because I knew it mattered and people would relate to it. In my first series, The Rozalyn Hunt Series, there is plenty of emphasis put on strong female friendships and that is because I was lucky enough to find my friend soulmate when I was very young and she is still my best friend today.

Q: Name a few of your favorite authors or books.

LC:  Richelle Mead, especially her Georgia Kincaid Series. Laurell K. Hamilton, I like both of her major series very much. Auryn Hadley is also wonderful and her Demon Muse Series is so entertaining!

Thanks for spending time with us, Liddie!


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