The Redgold Series by Virgil Allen Moore

Book 1: Demon Vampire

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Power, grace, and immortality… Everything has a price.

To walk as an abomination in the night. To have power that seeps into the vein and never lets go. To know that blood draws the path that will lay the world to rest.

Zack Giver is a stoic young man that walks slowly into an inviting nightmare. After he meets a young singer at a local Gothic club, his life changes forever.

Demon Vampire parallels the choices of many people over the course of centuries and how they affect both the world and each other. As the morality stains the lives of all those it touches, the the future grows darker. A romance that spans time itself takes hold of a fundamental choice. The memories that form the soul are the only cost of a power that no vampire should ever hold. What would you choose? The commanding touch of a welcome stranger, or a fleeting memory that may hold the essence of what makes you unique.

The Redgold Series:

For fifty years, Zack has loved Kyli. Until one fateful day, she was gone. Their romance was everything a romance should be. They met, an attraction kept them together, they fought, they broke up, they longed, they reunited, and in time they married and were able to seek out all the joys life had to offer. Destiny bought them together and fate was cruel enough to tear them apart. Nothing could keep them away from each other. Not pain, distance, time, or blood. Especially when you aren’t human. Even still, there is a regret in Zack’s heart that remembers what happened on that day. It asks for the feelings Zack wishes he could let go. It offers him all the power in the world, if only to take hold of his soul. For Zack, the past is a fresh, wet, injury that he recalls every night. This is his memory. This is the story of the Demon Vampire.

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About the author:

Virgil Allen Moore began as a poet and eventually turned to long fiction. In his words “My pen wields visceral morality as I write.” He uses poetic knowledge to woo and satiate the minds of the world. His books are written for their vivid imagery and well defined storytelling. He blends old world refinement with a modern feel in a way that gives strength to his novels. With his books, you are left not just with a sense of accomplishment, but a moral choice. The reader pressed on how they feel through the story. The ordeals of the characters are offered up while reading, lending a direct sensation of emotion that only the best novels can evoke. When you read his words, you will be rewarded. If you enjoy vampires, you will be enthralled by Virgil Allen Moore.

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Our interview with Virgil Allen Moore

Tell us about your book/series.  What makes it/them worth reading?

Demon Vampire is a love story that parallels several people over the course of thousands of years. Unlike the normal romance, the main characters fall in love with certain aspects of each other. Now I know how that may sound. But this is different. In a normal relationship you might like that daring part of a guy and he might like that strong willed nature that you have. However in Demon Vampire, that strong will you have is hiding something dark and painful about your true nature. And the part that you like about that tall dark and handsome fellow isn’t actually him, it’s the demon inside of him that you’re attracted to. It makes for a creepy and surreal take on the paranormal romance genre. All the things that you think are attributed to one person may not actually be them. They may come from someone else entirely. This makes understanding who you’re actually falling in love with a bit complicated, but in a good way.

How long have you been writing and what inspired you to do it? 

I’ve been writing since I was ten. And not your average kids things either. I wrote about pain, loss, and love. I even gathered about a dozen editor’s choice awards through several poetry magazines by the age of eighteen. However as I wrote I kept hitting a ceiling in poetry. There is a limit to how many words a standard poem can hold. I didn’t like that idea. I wanted to tell a larger story in my writing and that brought me to writing up a few story concepts. The only bad part was that I just kept coming up with more and more ideas. I soon amassed thirty seven novel concepts and had no idea which one I wanted to turn into a full length novel. It was only when I began reading a certain popular vampire series that I knew what I was going to full pursue. And no, it wasn’t Twilight. I found so many things while reading that I wanted to improve on that all of my friends told me that I should just write my own vampire novel. So I did. And ten years later Demon Vampire is finally here.

What do you think causes people’s enduring fascination with vampires?

Lust, power, and Immortality have always been a central theme to history in general. I believe that everyone secretly wishes to behold and embody those traits. This is why the genre is so venerable. It never dies because no one can let it go in the back of their minds. It is timeless.

What are you reading right now?  Would you recommend it? 

Currently I’m reading something that is completely removed from my own genre. Killing Floor by Lee Child. I enjoy novels that help me improve my own craft and seek them out in whatever genre that they are in. I noticed that Lee Child’s agent, Darley Anderson, was able to get his book series sold into a Hollywood movie. I figured that he must be doing something right, so I picked up his book and began reading immediately. I found a lot that I loved in the delivery of his writing style. It was something that I had seen in only a few other writers in the past. If you get the chance, read it. The vampires are attacking!  Grab the first thing you see to your right and hit them with it!  What was it?  And how do you think you did in the ensuing fight?This is a damn hard question. Mainly because the vampires in my world aren’t as flimsy as they are in other books. My vampires aren’t all powerful, but they are able to pick up a bull dozer with ease. They aren’t immune to sunlight, but they are smart enough to wear thick over coats and long brimmed hats if they want to walk about in the day light. And aren’t immortal, but as one of my characters likes to say, “It just takes a lot to kill one of us.” So to answer your question honestly, the first thing to my right is a precision screw driver that wouldn’t do much but piss off a vampire. And more than likely I would be lunch.The aforementioned vampire attack didn’t go so well and you were bitten by the vampire…now what?

Normally, it would mean death. However if the vampire wanted to turn someone, they would have to give them their vampire blood. After that, it’s simple. In my world it starts with a fever. From there light sensitivity kicks in and on day two so do the chills. The allergy to silver comes on day three when the sun begins to burn the skin. At that point, on the third night, the thirst sets in and you would attack whatever was closest to you that had a decent amount of flowing blood in it. And yes, the fangs grow and sprout out before you know it;)

In the event of a zombie apocalypse what item would you make sure that you took with you to your underground safety bunker? (we will presume that your family are already safely in the bunker!) 

A lot of people would be shocked if they knew how prepared I actually am for something like this already. I’m a bit of a Jack of all trades and I love outdoor/huntsmen activities. I would bring my compound bow, my camping bag with tent, and my mountain bike. With those three things, I would be able to sustain my family for years;) Everything else I can pretty much build out of old parts. Need a steel wall built? Take a battery from a car, find some jumper cables and weld together a few car doors. You can build anything if you have the MacGyver way of thinking.

You are planning an awesome dinner party. Which 3 celebrities/fictional characters/historical figures (past or present) would you add to your guest list?

This is going to be an odd one, so let me clearly explain these one by one. First, I would invite Buckethead. I am an avid guitar player and builder and love what he can do with an ax. I’d love to just sit for hours next to him with a guitar and just simply emulate him. No need for any conversation, just the movements and chords would be enough to make me happy. The next would be Anne Rice. I’d love to talk to her about her original inspirations for her characters. I’m talking about the things she was thinking about before she even came up with them. Something along the lines of when she was in middle school, if she ever thought about a character archetype that would eventually turn into LeStat for example. And third would be Keanu Reeves. I know he gets a lot of flack for people about his acting, but as a director, he rocks. I’d love to talk to him about his imagination and philosophies in general. As I said, an odd three, but in my detailed and complex web of priorities, these three people would be my clear choice to dine with. 

Can you give us five random facts about yourself?

As I mentioned, I’m a Jack of all trades that is currently on the way to applying for Kingship in the field;) I tinker, a lot. I build computers and guitars. I work on cars and guns. I love archery. I sew. And I enjoy both offline and online gaming. So in short, you name it, I’ve probably at least read up on it and possibly tried it if I liked the idea of it. 

Where can readers find your books?

As of October 18th, 2013. Demon Vampire is currently in the national book selling directly that is Ingram. That means that if you want to order my book at your local book store, no matter how small, they can easily order for you. So basically, everywhere you can get a book, you can get Demon Vampire. But of course, there’s always something to instant gratification. Demon Vampire is also available on and kindle devices including their apps. 

Also Demon Vampire is currently being produced by Larkin Studios, NY. It will come out as an audiobook through iTunes,, and Audible sometime around March 2014. For more information about the audiobook, subscribe to my blog at

Is there anything you would like to say to your readers?

If you enjoy eternally complicated paranormal romances that span centuries and lifetimes, you will enjoy Demon Vampire and the rest of The Redgold Series. I plan on releasing two books a year for the next three years. If you love large casts of characters and enough story to make even the longest running series gawk at, then you won’t be able to put down my words. And when you do, remember to join me at my blog. I will release samples of the upcoming books as time goes on. As of the date of this interview, I have already written the next seven books in the series. If you are willing to simply read my words and enjoy my characters, I can promise you a steady stream of events that you will be enthralled by. So pick up Demon Vampire now in any format you like and start reading, you will love what you find. 


Virgil Allen Moore

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