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blood lust

The beauty is the beast.

Meet Nexess. She is a vampire and gang leader Antonio’s assassin and slave, whom he keeps in chains for everyone’s protection, and his pleasure, until he needs her to go out and kill for him.

And if she disobeys him, he locks her cold, hungry and alone in a cage to face her demons until she once again bows to his brute force and craves his touch.

Then she meets Jace, a vampire from the rival gang, another killer and, as her body tells her, one she has an irrepressible urge to devour, maybe in love, maybe in war.

It’s going to be a bloodbath. Then again, it already is.

Our review

Now I like my vampires with a lot of attitude and swagger. Ready to rip out a throat and never they never ever back down from anyone! Nexess is a kick ass assassin but on the inside she is just a mess. She has been mind raped for her entire vampire life by evil incarnate, Antonio, the mob boss responsible for all the evils that this poor abused creature has suffered since the day of her death.

Ms. Degarmo has an awesome talent for scene and character development. Her descriptions of the “massacre” scenes was great and when she described the incredible horror Nexess had to endure during her punishment, it was hard not to shed a tear. I definitely hated Antonio more if that is even possible. Her description of the first time Nexess and Jace are together, made steam rise from the kindle screen.

This book definitely gives the reader another take on vampires, one that is not explored very often. A story where the vampire is actually the victim, subjugated and held prisoner. At first, I was a little a disappointed because as I stated I like my vampires ALPHA ALPHA ALPHA whether they are male or female but after giving this book a chance, I found myself thinking of Nexess as an abuse victim that needed to find her power to survive and BOY DOES SHE!

If you are looking for a different take on vampires and like violence and intrigue, this book is definitely for you! I look forward to seeing where Ms. Degarmo takes this story int he remaining books of the trilogy.

Review by Julia for ILVN


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