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Carpathian Blood michelle hoefleAbout Carpathian Blood by Michelle Hoefle

A Carpathian Blood Novel follows Mackenzie Hilton into a Terranian vs. Vampyre War. Will Vlad be her salvation or her damnation?

Mackenzie travels to Romania to begin a new life with her younger brother, Alain. She doesn't plan on being a meal for a vampire. When her rescuer reveals himself, she wants no part of his life or his war, but her traitorous heart has other ideas. The dark and dangerous Vlad wants her for himself and will stop at nothing to possess her heart and soul. However, after a brutal attack, can their love conquer the challenges which face them?

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I can honestly say this is the most unique take on how Terranians/Vampyres came to be that I have seen in some time. Suffice it to say I am impressed with Ms. Hoefle's creativity and without giving too much away, I will say a crashed spaceship and an atmosphere here on earth that is oxygen rich as opposed to nitrogen rich makes for some very sexy “Terranians”.

Mackenzie Hilton, Mack for short, and her brother Alain have been on their own for quite some time and have come to Romania to start a new life. Not long into their new adventure tragedy strikes and in comes our hero, Vlad. A very tall, very beautiful, VERY SEXY Terranian that takes drastic measures to keep Mackenzie breathing. Vlad is everything an Alpha male vampyre leader should be and Mack is definitely his worthy counterpart. Their attraction is electric and their love AMAZING!

I cannot say enough about Ms. Hoefle's wonder use of history, myths and legends to make her story incredibly rich and a real page turner. She does a great job developing her characters into people that you are truly invested in and unable to stop reading because you really really want to see what happens next. Her wonderful scene development makes an incredibly delicate subject and true pivotal part of the plot heart-wrenching while not offending or insulting the reader. This is a great story. I truly hope she continues with this series, there are several other characters that seem to be screaming for their story to be told!

Review by Julia for ILVN

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4 fangs

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