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darkloverThe following is a review for Dark Lover, book one in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series.  The review is written by ILVN Facebook page liker Julia Moore.

“This book is about Wrath, the king of the vampires and the leader of the Black Dagger Brotherhood, and Beth Randal, half human/vampire orphan. It starts off with with Darius, Beth's vampire and member of the BDB father being murdered by a member of the Lessening Society which is a group of evil beings that hunt the vampires. Darius' dying wish was for Wrath to see Beth through her transition if she was indeed to make it. Wrath, who hates himself, falls in love with Beth and the two become mates during her transition into vampire, which in this series- you are either born vampire or not, there is no biting to be turned. Wrath officially takes over being King and makes Beth his Queen. Beth is abducted by the same member of the Lessers that killed her father and since it is during the day, Wrath has to rely on Butch, a cop friend of Beth's that has followed her into this new world, to track her and make sure she is safe. When night falls Wrath is unleashed onto the world like a hungry tornado and races to rescue Beth who is being used as bate to lure the King. A big struggle goes on which Wrath almost dies in and Beth and the brothers are left wondering if he's going to make it.

All in all this book is one of the best openers to a series I have ever read. With each book I fall more and more in love with not only the story, but each and every one of the characters.”

Julia's rating:

5 fangs

Many thanks to Julia for providing this review.

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