Review: Departures (Full Circle)

Departures by Angela Ashcroft


Sebastian had been there the night Freya Jones was born over twenty three years ago. He was also there the night she died in the Hampshire Estate. Moments later, he witnessed her reborn as a vampire during the early hours of the morning of 8th January 2011.

While Freya is learning to adjust to her new life as a vampire and cope with living under the same roof with the two immortals that caused her demise, Lucas continues his relentless revenge mission against Sebastian.

Determined to shatter Freya and Sebastian’s emerging relationship, Lucas will stop at nothing to ruin his estranged brother’s happiness. When Sebastian unexpectedly spends more time away from Freya, it appears Lucas has the perfect opportunity to pounce but when an enemy from their past reappears, the brothers must reunite if they are to have any chance of survival.

“Departures” is the explosive and heart-wrenching second book in the Full Circle series.

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Our review:

In Departures the sequel to Full Circle, our introverted, shy, brilliant and beautiful heroine, Freya, is dealing with being turned into a vampire by not one but two vampires that are brothers, Sebastian and Lucas. She is desperately in love with Sebastian maybe even more so than when she was human. Which makes his departure to protect her and her father from the vampire that made him, while she is struggling to cope with the physical and emotional changes of becoming a vampire even harder. Not to mention she is now left with the cold, hard, manipulative, Lucas who has been nothing if not combative and mean to her. Freya's insecurities concerning Sebastian's true feelings now that she is vampire cause her to turn to Lucas for comfort.

Lucas is the polar opposite of Sebastian. He does nothing without an angle and it is usually to hurt his brother who he blames for the murder of his parents, at least that was my opinion of him in Full Circle. In Departures, Ms Ashcroft develops Lucas' character much more and gives us readers more insight into his “softer” side. He actually became more likable for me, more human (well, a nicer vampire). Freya also comes out of her shell more and is starting to take hold of her new existence. She is shedding her meeker, shyer ways and learning to stand up for herself.

As with the first book, Departures was left open to a sequel and I cannot wait to see where Ms. Ashcroft takes the characters and story line she has so beautifully expanded upon.

Review by Julia for ILVN

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