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Everlasting Enchantment (The Relics of Merlin, Book 4) by Kathryne Kennedy

Release date: December 3rd 2013

Power Magic is Afoot

Millicent Pantere has lived her entire life in the notorious London Underground. She cares nothing for the problems of the crown or the intrigues of society. But the ladies of the realm are acting strangely, and Millicent is coerced into tracking down the rumors of a mysterious man—a magic man who comes in the night and disappears at dawn.

And So the Hunt Begins

Millicent’s search leads her to one of Merlin’s legendary relics and the seductive knight whose fate is bound up with it. Centuries ago, Sir Gareth Solimere made the mistake of seducing the wrong woman, and he has been trapped ever since by a diabolical curse. He’s looking for the one who can break the enchantment—but in this world, there is no love without betrayal…

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Our Review:

I have a rule that I tend to stick to pretty strongly – that rule is to never start a series at any point other than the beginning. This rule has served me really well for the most part since so many series don’t really give you stand-alone novels. They say they’re stand-alone, but so often you find the author or characters referencing things that should (and would) be clear to you if you had started at the beginning. So I stick to the rule and even teach it to my friends.

But I broke my rule for Kathryne Kennedy’s Everlasting Enchantment. This is book 4 in her Relics of Merlin series. Book Four. I must honestly say though that only very rarely did I feel as if I missed something by not reading the first 3. Kennedy does an amazing job of making sure her reader knows exactly what is going on in the world without having the explanations bog the story down.

And what a story it is. Shape-shifter Millicent Pantere is pretty much the epitome of a loner. She cares about very little in her world and when what she does care about is taken she finds herself in a situation she didn’t expect. She’s pushed into a world she barely knows, told to track down rumors of a mysterious object. Little does she expect where it will lead. She’s my kind of girl – who needs fancy dresses and shoes when it’s easier to move in the comfortable shift and barefoot? She’s pretty much a no-nonsense woman who really doesn’t need anyone to defend her.

Then we get to meet the mysterious man the society ladies are all a-twitter about – Sir Gareth Solimere. *brief pause to swoon* Sir Gareth is … let’s go with perfect historical romance hero.  He’s brave, bold, snarky, sweet, caring and patient all in the same handsome package. He’s looking for the one person who can save him from the curse he is under, but the key to breaking that curse may be out of reach.

I truly enjoyed the banter between all of the characters. Sometimes verbal shots can come across stilted or false, but Kennedy hit it spot on. I’m in no way a history scholar so I have no idea how accurate the portrayal of this period is, but it felt real enough to me and isn’t that what really matters?

Kennedy gives magic, shape-shifting, period drama, intrigue, adventure and romance all mashed up together in a very nice package. Her characters unflinching resolve to accomplish their individual goals drove what could have been a very heavy plot forward with seeming ease. It doesn’t take a scholar to know that creating a tale this complex isn’t easy, but the various subplots blended so seamlessly with the main plot in such a way that I found myself swept into the world without a care as to how long I was immersed in it. Sometimes plots like these get bulky and can pull the reader out of the world when things get confusing, this story just held me in.

Review by Megan for ILVN

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