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full circleReview – Full Circle by Angela Ashcroft

After witnessing Freya’s harrowing birth, Sebastian always knew destiny would bring them back together. In a cruel twist of fate, their reunion is under the dark shadow of his own brother, Lucas, who plucks Freya from her mundane life and marks her. Once marked, Freya’s life hangs in the balance as she edges closer and closer to her death. As she battles through an endless nightmare of “lost time”, Lucas systematically cuts her remaining ties to her mortal existence. Now Sebastian must choose between loyalty to his only family or betraying Lucas in a desperate bid to protect Freya.

Full Circle is the enthralling first instalment of the vampire series that throws the lives and fates of three individuals together – with tragic consequences.

Our review:

Full Circle is one of the most unique Vampire novels I have ever read. It does have some of the elements you find in other novels in this genre but it also takes a very different view of how a vampire chooses his mate and then brings her into his world. Freya is absolutely the most introverted, shy, brilliant and beautiful heroine I have encountered in a long time. She has spent so much of her life thinking there is something wrong with her, that she is unlovable, undesirable, and even though she received the highest marks at university she feels as though she is not deserving of anything other than an underpaid entry level position with the local government where her boss sexually and emotionally harasses her. All of this stems from her father's abandonment when she was young after her mother died during childbirth. Although she has had brief periods when she was actually able to flourish, she always returns to a drab existence.

When she is unknowingly marked by Lucas, a true vampire in every sense of the word, her world takes a very deadly turn. He takes the times while she sleeps and turns them into nightmares, while he is also draining her of her blood and life, all without her realizing what is going on. Then she meets Sebastian, the light to Lucas' dark, and she actually can see herself living a real life. Their intense romantic interludes made me want to have a lot more time with these two characters. There is an immediate connection, one of love and light. Little does she know they are both vampires and “living” is not what either can give her.

The flow of this book was difficult to pick up at first but after time it all began to work together to create a very dramatic story of one girl's life and two vampires fighting to give her their very different version of immortality. This story has a lot of suspense and the romantic tension between Freya and Sebastian builds a beautiful love story. The characters are well developed although it did take a time to get there with the unique way the scenes and atmosphere was described and built. The ending was left open to a sequel and I would be interested to see where Ms. Ashcroft takes this very intriguing story.

Review by Julia for ILVN


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