Review: The Genie Ignites

The Genie Ignites by Kellyann Zuzulo

genieEnter a captivating world where a genie dares to love a human and will let nothing come between them. This paranormal romance from award-winning author Kellyann Zuzulo combines the modern world with the mystery and intrigue of the world of the jinn.

Zubis is a jinni born of flame. Feared and outcast, ferocious and vengeful, he has loved only once. In the time of Solomon, one woman tamed him. He has never forgotten her. Bethany O’Brien is that woman, reborn as a smart and somewhat sassy journalist. She never imagined that her dreams of hot encounters with the imposing and gorgeous Zubis are actually memories from her past. Once she meets him again, however, she doesn’t need convincing that they belong together. She will travel across three continents to a world of magic and treachery, of seduction and devotion to break the curse that keeps them apart.

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Our review:

Do you think you would be able to wait for your soul mate for 3000 years? Not me! I have a patience problem so three hours can be an issue for me at times but Zubis has waited for Bethany that long! Having her with him is essential and he is willing to wait even longer to make sure she is ready to accept her very distant past.

Bethany is a level-headed, somewhat skeptical young woman that works in the Saudi embassy in Washington D.C. She is incredibly intelligent and has a wonderfully sarcastic and quick wit. When her contact within the embassy reveals he is part of a secret society and they have determined she is the reincarnated priestess that will kill Zubis, she is pretty sure Seth has lost his mind. Add in the fact that Zubis a supposedly a genie and you can actually feel Bethany rolling her eyes while you are reading this book but her journalism training kicks in and she cannot deny she would like to uncover the what is really happening between on the lore and mystery.

This story has suspense, humor, passion and intrigue. The character and scene development is wonderful. I was traveling all over the world and never left the comfort of my recliner.Taking something as out of this world as a genie and making it believable is a hard task but Ms. Zuzulo does a great job. She even made me believe Bethany’s search for Zubis through his appearance in her dreams. It was a great journey to watch Bethany finally realize the man in her dreams was actually the genie she was tracking,

Zubis’ undying commitment to have his mate even though when they first met it was forbidden for genies and humans to be together is totally captivating. It was very romantic and definitely upped the “awww’ factor that he had loved this woman for 3000 years and would let nothing stand in the way of them being together. I am really looking forward to book two to see where this couple takes their amazing relationship.

Review by Julia for ILVN

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