Review: Lords of Deliverance series, Part 3 – Lethal Rider

Lords of Deliverance series by Larissa Ione

Review written by Wendy Dawn for ILVN

Book 1: “Eternal Rider”     Published: April 1, 2011 – see review here >>

Book 2: “Immortal Rider”     Published: November 22, 2011 – see review here >>

Book 3: “Lethal Rider”     Published: May 22, 2012

Book 4: “Rogue Rider”     Published: November 20, 2011

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are riding!

Four siblings were born from a match made between good and evil. Set on the verge of the biblical apocalypse they are all that stands between hell’s minions and the human realm. Also known as the Lords of Deliverance, can they deliver the human race from evil? Or will they ride at the head of hell’s armies?

Larissa Ione is one of the most imaginative writers. The Horsemen are no exception; her characters come right off the page and are very detailed. She paints a world around them, to which I was drawn in from the very first book and kept returning thru the fourth book (and I wanted more).

Each Horseman received his/her own book with a HEA. However, you get to see the siblings interact with each other and characters from Ms. Ione’s Demonica series. It was like seeing how old friends were doing, while meeting new friends. However, if you have not read the Demonica series do not worry you will not feel lost. Her characters are strong enough to hold their own, especially the very sexy Horsemen.

Breaking of a Horseman’s seal begins the apocalypse and turns the Horseman with the broken seal to the side of evil. Each seal is has its own weakness, each Horseman looks to biblical prophecy (angelic and demonic alike, yes there are two sacred books) to ascertain what is their particular seals weakness so they may avoid being the cause of the end of days.

What happens when just one seal is broken? Can it be repaired? Will the others break next? Will four siblings save or destroy all they have known and loved?

Note: The relationship for the next book in this series between the demon-slayer Reagan Cooper and Thanatos (and his seduction) begins toward the end of this book.

Book 3: “Lethal Rider”                   Published: May 22, 2012

lethal rider

The prophesies were there… but no one listened. They are the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and they have the power to usher in Doomsday… or prevent it.

Eight months ago, demon-slayer Regan Matthews seduced the fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse, Thanatos. Now, she's pregnant with his child – a child who, if prophecies are to believed, is fated to save the world. But things aren't always as they appear, and the baby conceived by two warriors may yet be the very catalyst that kicks off Armageddon.

Thanatos, who will be Death when his Seal breaks, never thought he'd have a family, but as he grows close to Regan and his unborn son, he allows himself to dream. But as the world edges closer to the end of days and his evil brother plots against him, Thanatos realises that the sacrifice he must make will destroy everything he dreamed of having.


“Lethal Rider” brings the end of thousands of years of celibacy of Horseman Thanatos (aka Death). Believing his celibacy prevents the end of days, he holds onto it prudently. One night with the sexy and wicked demon-slayer Regan Cooper, destroys his resolve.

Regan believing the fate of the world held in the balance had no choice but to take the assignment and seduce Thanatos. However, passion and seduction come with a price tag. Something more terrifying than the impending apocalypse…parenthood!

Death and a Demon-slayer as parents…physical passion and family the things Thanatos has always wanted, will he choose to save the world or sacrifice his own happiness?


Death is gonna be a baby daddy!!!

For centuries he believed his virginity was the one thing keeping his Armageddon seal intact, it was simple to him no sex ever and never turn evil. Great in theory, but the demon-slayers decided to get one of their own knocked up with Thanatos’ offspring.

I kept wondering if these people were stupid. What if the prophecy they believed in was wrong? Would you want to be the one setting Death loose on the world? On the other hand, would you want to ensure Death had a child?

Thanatos has so many secrets. Secrets he has been keeping from even his siblings. Being the one who lives in the Greenland and doesn’t have many visitors he is very much a private person. He only surrounds himself with his loyal vampire servants.

It was very interesting to see inside his world and watch some of his mystery unveiled. After he escapes the hellhound saliva induced stasis his siblings have placed him in with the help of Hades, the story really heats up.

Reagan was a very interesting character to pair with Thanatos. She was raised by the demon-slayers and felt she owed them everything. This is how she came to be in Thanatos frozen compound. Sent to do research using his massive library, she sets about to seduce him using whatever means necessary. With a little help from some herbs and wine, she succeeds.

One thing I did not understand was what did she actually think would happen to her child after she gave birth. These people manipulated her to get pregnant with a Horseman’s child, did she think she would not become attached to it. Or that they would let her keep it? Or she would be able to give it away? Her character was a little aggravating for me at times. I wanted to shake her and tell her to get real and that she did not owe anyone anything!

After centuries as a celibate, finding out there was no reason for abstinence any longer I expected more of a “bender”. Nevertheless, I guess there was a lot to deal with; baby on the way, a brother turned evil and trying to kill you, three seals to keep from breaking, keeping hell’s armies at bay.

In the end loyalties are tested, who will Reagan choose the people who raised her or the father of her child? Can Thanatos forgive Reagan for seducing him and admit the attraction they have for each other? Will Thanatos become Death or will he discover what will really break his seal in time? As a stand off with their brother Pestilence begins will they be able to destroy him or will they still try to save Reseph trapped inside?

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As a series, I enjoyed the ride the four Horsemen took me on; I hope they appear in some of Ms. Ione’s future novels. It is nice to see how some of my favorite characters are doing and if they are behaving…and most importantly to make sure their seals intact!

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