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lover avengedHere  is Julia Moore’s review of Lover Avenged by J R Ward, the seventh book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood.

*Review may contain spoilers*

“Ah Rehvenge. He’s had a pretty hard life, to say the least. So this book is obviously about Rehv and Ehlena (a vampire nurse). But it starts with Wrath who has decided that he doesn’t like sitting on his butt, and has decided to start fighting again….with out anyone knowing about it. Which of course results in a HUGE throw down between him and Beth.

So while that’s going down, Rehv has found love. AWE. That male needs some happy since he’s forced to uh do stuff, with his half sister who is a full sympath and a whole lot of psycho in order to protect his mom, sister, Xhex, and himself. Ehlena changes his heart, but he has to crush it when his half sister decides to be a territorial and pays a visit to his female.

Meanwhile, John finally finds the stones to tell Xhex how he feels about her, unfortunately his timing is horrible because he walks in on her trying to fix her version of sympath keep-away and totally flips out on John, letting him do the math to figure out what she really is. But John too has found love because not only does he not tell anyone what he has seen, he goes back to tell her that her secret is safe with him. To repay him she screws him up, bad. Which sucks because now we have a walking dead John. Not literally  He’s just figured that he’s hurt too much in his short life so had flipped the switch on his emotions and no longer cares about…anything.

Rehv, who has realized that his hiding the truth game is over, blows his life up. He leaves to turn himself over to the Princess, or kill her, we never really figure out what he was going to do because what happened was not planned. Lash shows up, the sympath king gives the princess to him as a reward and keeps Rehv hostage.
Ehlena is not ok with all of that so she gets Xhex in on her plan, which of course didn’t take any convincing, and they set up with the Brothers to bring Rehv home. But, there again the plan doesn’t go as follows and the Brother’s leave one man down.

In my opioion, this book is a lot like book 2 with the way that it sets up for book 3, this one sets you up for Lover Mine. Not that I didn’t love it because hello it’s a Brotherhood book-they all totally rock, but I thought it could’ve been a little bit more, well more. I still give it a 5.”

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 Julia’s rating

5 fangs

Thanks to Julia for providing this review!

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