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loverawakenedHere is Julia Moore's third review for us.  This one is for Lover Awakened, book three in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series.

“Lover Awakened obviously picks up where Lover Eternal ends, with Bella's abduction and Zadist's hellbent fury on finding her. Bella is being held captive by a Lesser who fancies that he loves her and calls her wife. When a fight breaks out Bella is able to free one of the other captive vampires and he escapes to tell the BDB where she is being held. Zadist get's the info and has to wait out the day to rescue her, when he get's there he finds that her heroism almost killed her. As she's staying at the BDB compound a complication arises and she goes into her first needing which is the feline equivalent to heat. Of course this throws the entire house hold of males into an uproar. But because Bella loves Zadist she refuses all but him which causes the two to bond. But Zadist coming from his past (that is told in pieces through out this book) has issues that cannot be solved over night. He ends up pushing Bella away. Mean while the lesser who was enamored over Bella searches furiously for her and finds her family's home. Her brother Rhevenge realizes that a lesser has visited his home and send's his family into hiding. The lesser demands that Zadist meet him for a one on one and Phury, Zadist's twin, drugs Zadist so that he can take his place. Phury feels that if either of them should die it shouldn't be Zadist. So Phury heads off to fight the lesser that has caused one tragedy after another in this book. Zadist awakens from his drugged stupor and realizes the only way to track Phury is through Bella. A huge fight occurs and this time a heroine and not a hero is the victor.

Butch, who has been mooning over Marissa, has been asked to call on her. But thinking that it was her that had turned him away so many times, he refuses though it breaks his heart to do so. Returning home, his roomate Vishous hands him a glass of wine which he drinks grudgingly. As he realizes it wasn't wine and was actually V's blood, he demands a reason. V tells him of his vision; drink or die.

This book is basically one tragedy after another but with periods of sunshine through the calm of the storm. With surprising twists and turns you never know what's going to happen next. However, like the two before it, this one sets the sceen for then next book. And gives you and ending that will leave you smiling.”

Julia's rating

5 fangs

Thanks to Julia for providing this review!

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