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lover mineHere  is Julia Moore's review of Lover Mine by J R Ward, the eighth book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood.

*Review may contain spoilers*

“Lover Mine is about John Matthew and Xhex and of course this book has been a long time coming. For those of you who have never read The Black Dagger Brotherhood: An Insider's Guide, I have to drop the bomb, John Matthew is Darius! The Warden explains the time issues in the Guide so if you want, and I strongly suggest that you should, pick it up and read it, you won't be dissapointed as there are some novella's in there and some seriously funny back and forth's between the Brother's.

So, Xhex, who has considered herself damned from birth because she is half sympath, has fallen for John Matthew. And who wouldn't? Guy seriously is a male of worth for real! Problem is that, she has been abducted by the sociopathic Lash and is being kept prisoner/sex slave. John of course is going ape trying to find her and has even put her name in ink on his back. Commited!

Finally a break in the case appears and John and the boys are lead to the house where Xhex is being kept, but since Lash has some kind of demi-god shield around her, no one knows that she's there even though she can see them all. John flips out when he realizes that this is where she's been kept, and thinking that she's dead, goes Michael Myers on the Lash's number 2.

Xhex realizes that when Lash get's home and sees what has happened he is going to kill her so she manages to break free of her invisible prison, sends a message to Rehv saying she's gotten out, and goes into hiding presumably to recover. However John is so not cool with that and he goes off to get her, which is good because she was dying from her injuries.

Mean while, Blay goes on a date…….! Which rips Qhuinn's (and mine too) heart out. And Qhuinn being the male of worth he is, decides that he's going to give up his own heart to make Blay happy, even though it's killing him inside to do it.

John and Xhex to the happy dance and bond together and Xhex isn't really liking the acting like a female part of this equation since she's not really used to it.
Lash starts to disolve, and is becoming more like his father, which isn't really a good thing if he happens to finish the process since the Omega is damn near invincible, but he's been booted by daddy so he's weak at the moment. He tips the Brother's off and that back fires on him because they are able to use the info that they learn to find and track him down. Big fireworks go down at that fight.

Back at the mansion, Wrath has a happy/not-so-happy message for V. He's brought Vishous' twin over from the Other Side but he's also broke her back by sparing with her, of course it wasn't on purpose, but V's pretty hot-headed. Because of the situation with Qhuinn and Blay you are left not knowing if the two will be friends, enemies, or lovers.
Through out this book a lot of Darius' and Tohr's past is brought forth and Darius' memories start to fuse with John's. It explains's Xhex's past and leads up to a very happy and unexpected reunion.”

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 Julia's rating

5 fangs

Thanks to Julia for providing this review!

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