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lover enshrinedHere  is Julia Moore's review of Lover Enshrined by J R Ward, the sixth book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood, Phury and Cormia's story.

*Review may contain spoilers*

“So Lover Enshrined is Phury & Cormia's book. As all who have read Lover Unbound know, Phury is a drug addict who has agreed to take over as the Primale of the race, which is basically a sperm donor to breed a bunch of kids. Cormia is the Chosen that was picked to be his First Mate, the first of many mates.

As the book starts, Lash and John Mathew get into a huge fight that ends up with Lash getting his throat slit, dying, and being re-born as the Omega's only son. Surprise, surprise, he has always been half Omega and half Vampire, just unbeknownst to anyone other than the Omega….and maybe the Scribe Virgin.

Qhuinn is in big trouble since he's the one that did the slice n dice routine on Lash.

All the while, Phury is steadily smoking it up in his room, ignoring the job of being Primale while the lovely Cormia falls more and more in love with him. And his bit of self hatred has also got him practicing his artist skills on the lessers he finds by cutting them up nice and slowly. Not even bothering to kill some of them, he leaves them around for the other lessers to find and earning himself a nick name with the society. All this along with his OD of heroin and lack of owning up to his responsibilities as Primale has the entire brotherhood washing their hands of him. He ends up on the Other Side going through some wicked DT's and claims Cormia as his one and only….. FINALLY!

After that, he starts to make some serious changes-including rehab and AA meetings- that the Scribe Virgin isn't too pleased with but ultimately has no real choice but to agree with. She then releases her victim/captive/daughter who is seriously angry at her, into the unsuspecting world of Chosen.

Bella gives birth to her healthy daughter Nalla (AWE), but the tension amoung the Brother's remains with their lack of trust in Phury.

This book was a sigh waiting to happen on a lot of different levels. We meet a new potential male in Lassiter (really hope he gets a book of his own), as well as finally getting one of the Brother's most faithful member's the help he needs. And of course there is a huge surprise that some people cried THANK THE SCRIBE VIRGIN over! But at the same time, it also makes you wonder if it will hold up or come crashing down on them all.”

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 Julia's rating

5 fangs

Thanks to Julia for providing this review!

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