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lovereternalThe following is a review for Lover Eternal, book two in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series.  The review is written by ILVN Facebook page liker Julia Moore.

“Lover Eternal is about Rhage, the playboy brother of the BDB, and Mary Luce, a human who is dying of Lukemia.

This book starts with Rhage's beast coming out to play while Mary is told that her cancer has come back. There is a new character as well as a new name but not new character introduced in this book. Mary and Rhage go on a date and Rhage's beast bonds with Mary before he get's a say in the matter, but since Rhage hates the playboy side of himself, he doesn't fight the bond at all. Mary on the other hand has already led a hard life when she had to watch her mother die of a debilitating desease and doesn't want Rhage to have to go through the same so she pulls away from him. She confides in her friend Bella, a new character and vampire, through out the book. Rhage is terrified that his beast will come out at the most intimate of moments and eat Mary, not in the fun way, and so he keeps from her his most dark and deadly secrets until he has no choice. Bella has been abducted by the lessers and while doing a scout of her's and Mary's houses more lessers appear. Rhage's beast again comes out to play and this time, the only thing that is able to stop it from eating the brothers is Mary. She is like a homing beacon that not only calms but tames the beast.

Zadist goes ape when he realizes that Bella has been taken and forms an unusual alliance with the cop, Butch.

To save Mary's life Rhage agrees to keep the beast forever and never see her again. But having missed some very important details, things don't turn out the way he wanted.

This book has more ups and downs than the first, proving that the author was only getting started in Dark Lover. With Bella's abduction and Zadist going out of his mind trying to find her, the setting is set for the next book and because of Z's single mindedness as well as his overall manner, you know it's going to be extremely intense.”

Julia's rating:

5 fangs

Many thanks to Julia for providing this review.

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