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lover rebornHere  is Julia Moore's review of Lover Reborn by J R Ward, the tenth book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood.

*Review may contain spoilers*

“This book is about Tohr and No'One/Autumn. Ok, so raise your hand if you wanted to punch Tohr in the face through 90% of this book…I'm raising mine. I knew getting into this it was going to be a hard one, we know his mate is dead and that Lassiter was hanging around for a reason. Turns out, Wellsie was stuck in the In Between and was either going to rot there or Tohr had to do some real drastic stuff to free her. So he starts eating regularly and then with Autumn he starts to feed again.

Meanwhile, John and Xhex have a huge blow out and seperate for the better part of a year. The Band of Bastards have decided that Wrath must die and almost get away with it with a stray bullet. Qhuinn being the hero he is, sacrifices his safety to allow Wrath get the medical help he needs to live.
Then it really goes down. After months of sleeping in the same bed Autumn has fallen in love with Tohr. She goes into her needing and he flips out, even though she never asked him to service her. Following that Tohr tells her its over between them and that he wants nothing to do with her. So, she moves out. However the storm hasn't passed because apparently needings are contagious and Layla goes through hers too, asking Qhuinn to service her so that they have something that belongs to them, something that loves them. They have up until now bonded in a brotherly/sisterly way, neither of them feeling like they have anything to live for. Qhuinn takes her up on her offer and well, does it. Blay of course is heart broken when he learns the news, which to me, doesn't make sense since he is the one that chose to be with Saxton, but he is and turns to Saxton to soften the blow.

Lassiter tells Tohr its over and that he has blown his chances of getting Wellsie into the Fade since he stomped all over Autum's heart. So he sets out to make things right.
Xhex infiltrates the B.o.B.'s layer, producing the gun that did the shooting, and takes it to the Brother's to have it confirmed. Which causes the B.o.B to scramble to new digs since they know they've been tracked down.

At the end, Qhuinn makes his statement. Letting all of us who love him know, that his and Blay's book is next.

This book is confusing and it ends with so many things up in the air that you're left to figure out where the peices are going to fall. Going off of the summary for Lover At Last, we know that Q & B are going to find their happily ever after, but what about John and Xhex? What about Lahyla and Xcor? Though personally I just don't see how that one is going to turn out good. What about the bleeding that Autumn should have gone through but is never mentioned? And lastly, what about Qhuinn's brother who has been in the deep freeze for like four books now? Hopefully with Lover At Last we learn the answers to these questions.”

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5 fangs

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