Review – Lover Unbound (Black Dagger Brotherhood 5) – J R Ward

lover unboundHere is Julia Moore’s review of Lover Unbound by J R Ward, the fifth book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood, V and Jane’s story.

*Review may contain spoilers*

“Lover Unbound….raise your hand if you cried your eyes out!  This book is about Vishous, the sexiest and most intelligent of all the brothers…yes I’m biased, and Doc Jane-human surgeon. This book, like Z’s book, is filled with tragedy from start to finish as well as some huge surprises.

It starts with V being utterly sick of watching his now two roommates hang all over each other while he wastes away in a constant state of depression. As V sits in his penthouse in reflection, the Scribe Virgin visits him and drops a huge bomb on him, she’s his mommy. This book too has flash backs and for me they go even deeper and more tragic than Zadist’s because while Z’s lasted longer and were more physically gruesome, V’s were inflicted by his own father. So after his mom tells him her news, she also tells him that he has a new job as the Primale, which is basically the sperm donor of the Chosen. To say the least he’s shocked. He goes off on some more soul searching which leads him to a fight with a lesser and him laying on his back after a mysterious bullet tears through his heart. This is how he is introduced to Doc Jane. She saves his life and when he wakes up, against all medical odds, his bonded male side rears it’s head and claims her. So when the brother’s show up to do a smash and grab, he makes them bring her along for the ride.

While she’s trapped at the Pit, Phury decides to go Jack the Ripper on a lesser to release some of his pent up aggression and get’s caught in the act by another lesser and is almost killed if not for Rhage coming to the rescue.

Good thing the Doc is in because she saves Phury too.

Vishous knows that he can’t have the Doc and be the Primale too so he sends her home after a little scrub and goes to accept his role as the Primale. Phury, seeing how heart broken V is, and knowing that he himself cannot have the one female that he wants, decides to step in for Vishous and become the Primale.

V, being ecstatic, goes to release Doc Jane’s memories so they can be together, but a horrific turn of events leave her with a bullet through the heart and dead by a lesser’s hand. Vishous’s bright idea is to turn her into a lesser, but the Scribe Virgin nixes that idea and instead turns her to ash to save V from the biggest mistake he could possibly make.

Throughout this book both Qhuinn and John Mathew go through their transitions. Phury, having taken the Primale position, discovers the true culprit behind Vishous being shot.

More surprises and a whole lot of tragedy leave this book with a bag of mixed emotions on so many levels. Even the Warden had a hard time writing V’s book, and if you’ve read it then I’m sure you can guess why. Still, with V being my favorite of the Brothers, this is my favorite of all the books and I’m sure since Qhuinn is my number two, that his and Blay’s will be my second favorite book.”

 Julia’s rating

5 fangs

Thanks to Julia for providing this review!

Emma Edwards

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