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lover unleashedHere  is Julia Moore's review of Lover Unleashed by J R Ward, the ninth book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood.

*Review may contain spoilers*

“Lover Unleashed is about Payne, V's twin, and Manny, Jane's old (human) boss.

So this book backs up a little into Lover Mine and picks up right after Payne has been wheeled into the clinic with a broken back. Vishous of course has flipped his lid to not only realize that he has a twin, but that she is now paralyzed from the waist down and he can't do anything about it because it was a sparring accident with his king that put her there. Jane, on the other hand, knows exactly what to do and so she goes in search of her old boss Manny to help her fix her husband's sister. Manny, after his near heart attack of seeing Jane, agree's to go back with her and help in any way he can.

But once he sees his patient, he's all about the love. And so is Payne, who's never really understood the need for male companionship that other females seem to crave. She totally understands this now. Manny operates and is scrubbed and sent back to the human world where he is sent on a vacation from the damage that all the time lapses have done to him. When Payne seems to not be getting any better, she demands that either Vishous or Jane kill her. Instead of that, V grabs Manny and brings him back into their world knowing that he is likely the only thing that will stop his sister from killing herself. Meanwhile, Vishous has truly lost his stuff. He allows himself to be beat by three lessers, and probably would have died if not for Butch showing up at the right time. All of the stewing going on in V's head leads to Jane sleeping in the clinic and V asking Butch for some much needed ‘male bonding'!

On the other hand, it seems that Vishous was right about Manny, because he had the right kind of magic in his hands to bring Payne back to life….below the waist. But, he knows that he can't live in both world's so he decides to let her go, even though it breaks both of their hearts. With no where to go but to the mansion, Payne tries to decompress before heading home and is instead taken on by some lessers-whom she totally destroys-but is then taken by surprise by the new guys on the block. Xcor has been searching for Payne since he witnessed her killing her father and kidnaps her to seek revenge. This book has a lot of ‘leading up to' and surprises. We find out that Manny is in fact related to not one, but two of the Brothers. One would think that after reading this book, Qhuinn and Blay's would be next. But no, the Warden decided to make us suffer just a little bit more by making the next one all about Tohr. You never would have guessed it though because there is no real hint of Tohr throughout this entire book. Still, I have to appreciate that Manny is going to re-wire some ‘good' music into V's car just for the payback!”

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