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About A Night of Wickedness by J D Nelson

anightObsidian Raines is everything I hate in a new neighbor. He’s considerate, sexy, and a wealthy vampire.
Now, I know what you’re thinking, he sounds hot, right? Well, he is hot, but that’s not the point. If you were a nymph you would understand. Life for us is no picnic; most of us end up stalkers, sex addicts, and prostitutes. I am no exception to this rule, which is why I was sent to the middle of nowhere Alabama to be alone.
How was I supposed to know that he would inadvertently destroy all of my therapist’s progress?

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JD Nelson has created a fun, exciting, thrilling, action packed, HOT and SEXY paranormal world that I thoroughly enjoyed! This was a completely different take on the inner workings of the paranormal community with a fresh perspective, and wildly intriguing chacters. What is a poor nymph to do when all she really wants is true love and her very nature is all about fast quick sex with anyone willing.

Through no fault of her own our beautiful, out spoken, independent, head strong heroine, Korrina, is sentenced to isolation from all her family and the only place she has ever lived for petty crimes. If that was not enough, her closest neighbor is a reclusive, bigoted, Nymph-hating vampire, Obsidian, that is also delicious to look at and even better to “get close to”. Sounds like Korrina has finally found a friend and maybe with benefits. Looks like things just might work out, right? WRONG! Oswin, the handsome, dominant, Alpha werewolf enters the picture with a bang and Korrina finds herself in an incredibly awkward and heart-breaking situation. Add in all the turmoil with the Bureau and a band of rogue werewolves and A Night of Wickedness is an awesome read!

Ms Nelson's witty characters and incredible ability to move from scene to scene and character to character quickly while all the while keeping the reader entertained and enthralled makes for a great read with suspense, tears and laugh out loud moments! You will not be disappointed with this fresh new look at the paranormal world and I look forward to the next book!

Review by Julia for ILVN

Emma Edwards

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