Review – Shadowlove Stalkers by Claudy Conn

Review – Shadowlove Stalkers by Claudy Conn

ShadowLoveShadowlove Stalkers (Shadow Vampire series) by Claudy Conn

I happened across this book free on Amazon and decided since I was a HUGE vampire fan it was a must read. I was NOT disappointed! Ms. Conn has the great ability to develop her characters and plot with such intensity and vibrance that the reader is totally captivated from the beginning. Shawna, our heroine, is a half-witch, half-vampire that has spent her entire life hiding her true nature. She is an incredibly beautiful, intelligent, feisty, independent woman, raised by her wonderful grandparents, after losing her mother a few months after she was born. She has never had to drink human blood to survive. They have taught her all the magic they know in preparation for the day her father, the leader of the vampires, would come looking for her, a foregone conclusion that has come sooner rather than later. He is now on the hunt for her and she must leave all that she knows to protect those she loves.

Then enters our hero, Chad McFare, who offers his protection, for a price! Chad is an amazingly handsome, sexy, determined and infuriately superior immortal with his own score to settle with her father. Shawna quickly decides she does not want any part of Chad or his plan. She travels to Scotland, only to find that the sexy pain in the butt leaves just down the road from the cottage she has rented. The more the danger mounts, the more the attraction builds, and it becomes impossible for them to resist the attraction binding them together. They play a very entertaining game of cat and mouse that only adds to the incredible chemistry that literally jumps off the page. Fate finally steps in, in the form of a crazy “demon” trying to hurt Shawna. Only together can they defeat this new threat as well as rid the world of the scourge that is her father. 
This an amazingly passionate story with lots of action and thrills, it keeps the reader going all the way to the end! Ms. Conn has done a great job with secondary character develop as well. I am so glad there are more in the series! I cannot wait to read more from these characters.  
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Bite rating 

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