Review: No Shelter From Darkness

No Shelter From Darkness (The Cruentus Saga) by Mark D Evans

NSFD Cover“Her hands began to shake as she looked down wide-eyed at the blood-soaked cotton that covered her.”

London emerges from the Blitz, and every corner of the city bears the scars. In the East End—a corner faring worse than most—thirteen year-old Beth Wade endures this new way of life with her adoptive family. She also suffers the prejudice against her appearance, an abiding loneliness . . . and now, the trials of adolescence. But with this new burden comes a persisting fatigue and an unquenchable thirst that ultimately steals her into unconsciousness . . . What happens next is the start of something Beth will fear more than the war itself.  She begins to change in ways that can’t be explained by her coming-of-age—none more frightening than her need to consume blood. The family who took her in and the former best friend who’s taken refuge in their house can never know.  Aware of the danger she poses to everyone around her, Beth has never felt more alone.  But someone else knows Beth’s secret . . . someone who understands just how different she really is. He alone can decrypt her past and explain her future. But he’s been sworn to destroy her kind, and as Beth grows ever more dangerous, he’s forced to take sides.

Can Beth keep all of the secrets? Can she trust a man sworn to kill her?  And can she stop the vampire within from consuming her humanity?

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Our Review:

I will admit I was a little scared to start this book, I am not a history reader at all and WWII has never been something I was drawn to at all but I was pleasantly surprised by the amazing way Mr Evans depicts the environment and atmosphere in which people were living in London at that time.  The unique take on a thirteen year old refugee being turned into a blood thirsty vampire drew me in and kept me reading.  I have to admit that reading this book made me more interested than I have ever been in the history of this time and I appreciate the time the author took to research and make his story as accurate as possible, it enhanced the story incredibly.

The incredible story line and character development truly transported me to this era.  It was totally believable that teenagers would be walking around with gas masks on, almost as the latest fashion fad.  The fear that everyone felt was palpable and added to the overall suspense of the story.  The hair on my arms raised every time the air raid sirens sounded.

Having children of my own really brought another level to the beautifully written coming of age depictions in this book.  The way the author lets the characters be human, with all their flaws was just another feather in Mr Evans cap.  He made a person who would normally shy away from anything historical a true fan.  I cannot wait for book 2.

Review by Julia for ILVN

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