Review: Unclaimed (Amoveo Legend #5) by Sara Humphreys


She Works Hard to be Normal…

Tatiana Winters loves the freedom of her life as a veterinarian in Oregon. It’s only reluctantly that she agrees to help cure a mysterious illness among the horses on a Montana ranch—the ranch of the Amoveo Prince. Tatiana is no ordinary vet—she’s a hybrid from the Timber Wolf Clan, but she wants nothing to do with the world of the Amoveo shifters

But There’s No Escaping Destin

Dominic Trejada serves as a Guardian, one of the elite protectors of the Prince’s Montana ranch. As a dedicated Amoveo warrior, he is desperate to find his mate, and time is running out. He knows Tatiana is the one—but if he can’t convince her, he may not be able to protect her from the evil that’s rapidly closing in…

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Our review:

The world of shifters is such an incredible one. Each author brings a new and interesting take on the mythology of shape shifters. You have some who stick with classic shape shifter myths such as werewolves and those who go to an entirely other end of the spectrum by mixing other mythologies like fae and witches to expand the new world. Sara Humpreys falls somewhere in the middle. She seems to pull from many different elements of the mythologies while interweaving her own adaptations, thus producing one of the better shifter novels I have read.

“Unclaimed” is set in the world of the Amoveo Legend series. The 5th in this series, I felt like I was stepping into the home of a friend. This world just seems to pull the reader in with its intricate characters, beautiful setting and deeply rooted mythology.

The Amoveo are an interesting group of characters to begin with. While the race as a whole can be defined loosely as shape shifters, each individual clan within the race has a specific animal they shift into – be it tiger, eagle, panther etc. They also follow the traditional need within the mythology of needing to find their one true mate. I’ve honestly had never been a huge fan of the “one true mate, driving need to be with that person” idea. I truly believed that not giving people the choice of who they were going to be with wasn’t fair to the idea of free will, but over time I’ve come to find that the idea behind these characters having a destined mate is actually kind of perfect. As proof positive, Humphreys introduces two very different characters in Dominic and Tatiana.

Dominic is a born and bred Amoveo pureblood. He is one of the elite protectors for the Amoveo prince and he is desperate to find his mate. Tatiana, on the other hand, is as far from a part of the Amoveo world as she can be. As a hybrid child of an Amoveo and a human, she wants nothing to do with their world and definitely nothing to do with finding a mate. It is through these two that Humphreys has helped to change my mind about the destined mate idea – if two so very different people can be destined to be together, there must be something there to make it perfect.

The storyline – aside from the find your mate angle – was nicely formed. Many times I felt that I knew what was going on, where the threat was and who was behind it all, but so many of those times I was very far off. Red herrings are thrown at the reader from all angles – though I’m still convinced that there is something fishy about one particular element, Humphreys managed to surprise me in the end. I even found myself feeling a little sympathy for the “bad” guy.

The Amoveo have quickly found their way onto my ‘must recommend’ list for fans of paranormal romance.

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